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Village Discusses Heater Safety on KPRC Houston, Channel 2 News

Village Plumbing HVAC Technician Bryan Simpson on KPRC Simpson discusses heater safety, carbon monoxide detectors and more with *KPRC’s Anousha Rasta. Many of you may stay indoors and most likely turn your heaters on for the first time since last winter to stay warm. That’s why it’s important to remember how to use those heaters safely, so the equipment doesn’t spark a fire in your home. Simpson says: “Try not to go to sleep with them on. No kerosene heaters.”

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Monica Ryan featured on GardenLine with Randy Lemmon

This summer, Village Plumbing & Home Services is proud to be endorsed by  GardenLine, hosted by KTRH’s  Randy Lemmon. It’s refreshing to hear Lemmon speak so highly of Village, but we have all the natural requirements of what GardenLine looks for in a trusted partner: honesty, integrity, reliability, experience, and credibility, plus the kind of how can we help you? customer service you can only find in a company like Village. Unlike most plumbing companies, Village has a beautiful, well stocked showroom

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Your Home’s Major Systems: AC, Water Heaters, and Plumbing

When the weather is mild, take advantage by shoring up your home’s major systems. Houston is not currently enduring any major heat wave. But why wait for cold weather, or the next emergency? While things seem calm, take advantage by taking steps to strengthen your home’s major systems. How did your AC hold up through the summer? Did your energy bills go up? If you’re using an annual contract style of energy bill, you may not even realize how much

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Go Texans Friday with VPHS

Team spirit was alive and well at Village Plumbing last Friday It may not have worked out for the Texans on Sunday, but Village was rooting for the home team Friday as they celebrated a little bit of team spirit of their own, celebrating a good week spent helping customers with various plumbing and AC issues around the house. And many customers learned about the Village  Partner Plan,  aka the VPP. It’s a hit among customers, allowing them to receive better pricing,

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