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Water Treatment & Conditioning in Houston, TX

We rely on water for our daily sustenance and comfort. From cooking and cleaning to bathing and washing, it’s essential for every aspect of our lives. Our licensed and insured plumbers at Village Plumbing & Air can help you enjoy the freshest, cleanest, and healthiest water in Texas!

We can help you select and install the water treatment systems required to remove minerals, bacteria, pesticides, and other pollutants from the water you depend on. Whether you need a water softener or water filtration system, we offer a full selection of top-quality brands that will provide superior performance and long-term reliability.

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5 Benefits of Water Treatment

There are many reasons to choose water treatment services for your Houston home. Some of the most important benefits you will enjoy from cleaner, fresher water include:

  • Protects appliances: Removing minerals and bacteria helps protect dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances from damage. 
  • Protects plumbing: Removing heavy minerals and other contaminants helps protect your plumbing from sediment buildup and corrosion.
  • Protects your health: Removing bacteria, chemicals, and other pollutants helps protect your health from toxins that can cause cancer, trigger allergic reactions, drain your energy, and more.
  • Improves taste: Removing chemicals, heavy minerals, and sediment improves the smell and taste of the water you drink and use for cleaning and bathing.
  • Cleaner clothes: Removing minerals, bacteria, and chemicals will leave your clothes feeling cleaner and looking brighter. 

Water Filtration System Services

Water filtration systems are a cost-effective investment for homes in the Houston area. There is considerable groundwater pollution in the region, and municipal water supplies have levels of various contaminants that are higher than desired. Our water filtration systems will help you enjoy purer, fresher water free of contaminants.

We can perform water testing to determine the ideal system for your needs and will install the water filtration system at the optimal location. Once installed, it’s our pleasure to show you how to calibrate the system, change filters, and monitor performance.

Water Softeners

Our water softener services are customized to meet your needs. Our solutions will help you enjoy better-tasting water, cleaner dishes and clothes, softer skin, and more. Our licensed and insured plumbers will help you select the best system for your needs and install the unit at the optimal location, which is typically where the water enters your home.

Once installed, we will show you how to operate and maintain your unit. This includes how to adjust your model’s settings, change filters, and monitor system performance.

The Difference Between Water Softeners & Water Purifiers

Water softeners and water purifiers perform similar functions but are not the same. Water softeners use salt and a tried and trusted process to remove magnesium, calcium, and other minerals from your water. A water softener is an invaluable addition to your home if you have hard water content.

Conversely, water purifiers are designed to remove pollutants and bacterial contaminations from your water. Using specialized filters, water purifiers can remove chlorine, benzene, lead, pesticides, bacteria, and more. This makes them ideal for eco-conscious homeowners eager for effective solutions to protect their health.

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For over 75 years, our licensed and insured plumbers have proudly served the needs of the Houston metro community. When you choose Village Plumbing & Air, you will always receive same-day service appointments, upfront pricing, financing options, and background-checked technicians.

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From free estimates to upfront pricing, and background-checked technicians, Village Plumbing & Air offers a level of service and professionalism that homeowners can rely on. Trust us with your water heater needs and experience the difference between working with a reputable and customer-focused company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is generally recommended to have your water heater serviced annually. This allows a professional technician to inspect and clean the unit, check for potential issues, and ensure it operates efficiently.

Several indicators may suggest it’s time to replace your water heater, including the age of your system, the need for frequent repairs, declining performance, and visible signs of leaks or rust.

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Water Heater

Combat the Corrosion

Corrosion is the number one killer of a hot water heater. Typically, this is the result of neglect. Routinely inspecting the inlet and outlet fittings for rust will keep your system in top shape.

Know When To Flush

Sediment that may have built up over the year can settle at the bottom of your heater. This buildup makes it much more difficult to produce hot water. Flushing your water heater every six months to a year can significantly increase the efficiency of your water heater. Once you’ve flushed the sediment buildup, you can expect lower utility bills and hot water quicker (as long as you flush it regularly).

Identify Cause for Concern

Unfortunately, living in Houston puts us at a disadvantage because the water in our area is classified as “hard water.” Hard water refers to the amount of magnesium and calcium levels in our water. It’s harmless to humans and animals, but hard water can increase the need for a water heater repair.

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