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Partner Plans

Our Village Partner Plan helps you stay on top of routine HVAC and plumbing maintenance. When you sign up for membership, you get reduced rates on scheduled service calls and whenever you need help with your AC, heating, plumbing, or sewer system. Sign up for a Basic membership or take advantage of two additional tiers for even more value!

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What Does a Village Partner Plan Include?

We offer flexible maintenance plans so you can choose what’s best for your home and family. Bi-annual equipment inspections allow us to keep your systems up and running for longer and provide the exceptional service we’ve delivered in Houston since 1946. All our plans have you covered with:

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Bi-annual AC and Furnace Tune-ups

Every HVAC system in Houston needs regular maintenance. We completely evaluate your system twice a year to ensure it runs at peak performance and efficiency. To make it even easier, we schedule your next maintenance call during our visit.

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Whole House Plumbing Inspection

We’ll send a licensed technician to perform a complete annual plumbing inspection. This allows us to detect issues as your plumbing system ages. If we find any minor problems, we’ll fix them before major damage occurs.

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Savings up to 10% on all Services

As a Village Partner Plan member, you’ll save up to 10% on the cost of all service jobs. Over time, the plan can pay for itself. Since we offer a wide range of services, there are many opportunities to save!

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Convenient, Automated Service Reminders

Every member will receive an automatic reminder when their scheduled service appointment is approaching. We aim to make scheduling as convenient for you as possible. This means maintenance can be done when you have the time.

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Reduced Emergency and Holiday Fee

Emergency plumbing and HVAC calls can be expensive. But you never know when your system will break down. Our Village Partner Plan ensures we’ll always be there for you, at a reduced emergency fee exclusive to our members.


Plumbing and HVAC breakdowns don’t happen according to plan. Whether you need a major repair or replacement, we have various financing options so you can afford the service you need. We’ll even throw in an extended labor warranty for newly installed equipment that qualifies.

Annual Home Maintenance

Village Plumbing & Air strives to provide unrivaled service to the Houston area, and has been since 1946. One way we set ourselves above the rest is through our Village Partner Plan. By providing our members with preferred rates and bi-annual equipment inspections, we help you catch air conditioning, heating & plumbing problems before they become major headaches. Reduced member rates alone cover the cost of the membership itself – so start enjoying the benefits today!



Spring HVAC Inspection
Fall HVAC Inspection
Condenser Coil Cleaning during Spring & Fall HVAC Tune-ups
Annual Whole House Plumbing Inspection
Transferable to New Home if you Move
Extended Labor Warranties
(For qualified newly installed equipment)
Up to 10% off Services, Repairs & Equipment Replacements
Discounts on replacement HVAC filter subscription when ordered through Village Plumbing & Air
5% Discount
15% Discount
Annual Water Heater Flush*
(For up to 2 traditional tank water heaters. Reduced rate for tankless water heater descale)
Waived Service Call Fee
(During regular hours)
2 per year
Up to 2 lbs of Refrigerant 1x annually
(Only if system is in need. R-410a only.)
Same-Day Concierge Service
(If service scheduled before 3pm)
All plans auto-renew
*Suitable drain valve must be present for water heater flush.
Plans auto-renew for monthly or yearly periods upon completion of the initial 12 month term. Cancellation requires a letter sent to Village Plumbing & Air within 15 days of the renewal date to avoid charges. All monies paid are non-refundable. Note: Membership cancellation prior to 12-month term will result in a required reimbursement payment by the customer for the sum of all discounts applied toward services by Village Plumbing & Air.
Up to 3 HVAC units:
$14.99 / month
or $149 / year
4-6 HVAC units:
$29.98 / month
or $299 / year
Up to 3 HVAC units:
$29.99 / month
or $299 / year
4-6 HVAC units:
$59.98 / month
or $599 / year

How to Get Started

Once you choose a subscription level and sign up for your Village Partner Plan, we’ll handle the initial scheduling of your inspection. Just call and let us know the perfect time for you. Whether you want to schedule an appointment or renew your membership, our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to help (otherwise, all plans renew automatically).

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