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Buying a new HVAC system for your home is rarely something any of us wants to do. At Village we strive to make the experience replacing your system as efficient and non-intrusive as possible.


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Village Plumbing & Air takes pride in delivering high-quality service in Houston. A woman-owned business led by Monica Ryan, our company has built a solid reputation for integrity since its founding in 1946. We’ve expanded our services to not only include plumbing, but air conditioning and heating as well. However, our plumbers are the backbone of our company. They can take on any issue and use the latest tools, technologies, and equipment to manage customers’ plumbing needs in every neighborhood from one side of Houston to the other. Village Plumbing & Air can take care of your plumbing installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. We are best known for our ability to help you with:

Drain & Sewer Clogs

Water Leaks

Water Heaters

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for an energy efficient AC system, you came to the right place. As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we sell a complete line of energy efficient Lennox air conditioners.


Sewer Line Repairs

Main sewer lines can develop many kinds of problems. Corrosion eventually builds up due to impurities in wastewater, but the Texas heat and humidity can accelerate deterioration as well. Eventually, pipe corrosion forms small holes and cracks, causing liquids to leak out. If a pipe breaks, the entire sewer line will fail, which is an even worse situation. Blockages by objects and tree roots can cause trouble as well for any home served by a sewer line.

How do you know you need sewer repair? If a line is blocked, broken, disjointed, settled, or collapsed, a gaseous odor, similar to rotten eggs or trash, may come from your drains and toilet. Slow drainage is another symptom, especially if it affects several or all the drains in your home. Multiple drains may clog or back up as well. Bubbling and gurgling sounds, water pooling in your yard, greener patches of grass, and indentations in your lawn mean it’s time to call a professional plumber.

From sewer video camera inspection to trenchless repair, Village Plumbing & Air makes it easy to diagnose the problem and resolve it quickly and permanently with minimal disruption.


Water Leaks

A single water leak can cause major water damage to your home, if not at the very least increase your utility bill. Leaks aren’t always that obvious. Sometimes a drip or water stain isn’t where the source of the leak is. Village Plumbing & Air offers advanced water leak detection and quick repairs that are as minimally invasive as possible. Whether water is leaking from a fixture or faucet, appliance, or in your slab foundation, our knowledgeable plumbers can repair it with permanent results.
Leaks can occur anywhere in your plumbing system, which is present throughout your home. Water damage can affect walls, concrete, carpeting, floors, furnishings, and your health. From mold growth to foundation damage, the effects can be far reaching. Our team will fix the leak and its underlying cause, whether it’s general wear, corrosion, a broken seal, or damaged pipe joint. If high water pressure, a loose connection, or temperature fluctuations contributed to the problem, we’ll make the appropriate repairs and adjustments to ensure the problem never happens again.


Drain and Sewer Clogs

Drain clogs can occur at any time due to grease, oil, or hard water minerals. Hair, soap, and personal care products can cause a clog as well. Using hi-tech equipment, we can inspect and clear your drain or sewer line no matter what’s blocking it.
Whether your sink or shower doesn’t drain, or toilet overflows, we can fix the underlying problem fast. We’ve seen it countless times over the years. Drain clogs occur hundreds of times a day across Houston. Sure, they can be stubborn, but don’t waste time washing, plunging, and flushing over and over to get a drain to work. Call us and we’ll take care of the problem.
Village Plumbing & Air can quickly unclog toilets, bathtubs, floor drains, and kitchen and bathroom sinks. When you call, our skilled plumbing technicians arrive on-time and diagnose the problem quickly. You’ll immediately get advice on solutions and an up-front price. And once the issue is fixed, we don’t leave until the work area is totally clean.


Hot Water Heaters

The most common sign of a water heater problem is water that’s not as hot as it should be. Depending on the issue, the water may not be hot at all. You may need a new burner or heating element. Leaks often mean the bottom of the tank has corroded or the drain valve has failed, while rusty water often indicates rust in the tank. No matter how big or small the underlying cause is, Village Plumbing & Air will find and fix it. Repairing and maintaining your water heater enables it to run more efficiently. But when repairs are costly or the unit is old, we’ll recommend the best replacement unit for your home.
We can install a traditional water heater if you prefer. Modern high-efficiency models are reliable and maintain a tank full of water to meet your needs. However, we also install tankless water heaters that take up less space and run only when the hot water faucet is on. This saves a great deal of energy. Throughout Houston, we’ve installed on-demand water heaters, which can save up to 40% on your energy bills and fit on a wall or in a closet, out of the way.

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