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Sewer Line Services

Damage to your mainline or a sewage backup can cause serious damage and health hazards in your home. Village Plumbing can promptly fix or replace your sewer line and prevent further issues.
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Sewage Backups can be a Health Hazard
Sewer Repair in Houston, TX

Sewer pipes can corrode, develop holes, or become cracked over time. Ground settling or pipe shifting can cause problems, while tree roots and other blockages will wreak havoc in your home as well. Fortunately, our Houston sewer repair professionals can use the latest technologies to find the issue and determine how to fix it.

Our team specializes in the latest trenchless repair methods. Sewer lines can therefore often be repaired without time-consuming and expensive digging. Pipes can be relined if necessary and the life of the sewage line can be extended by several decades.

Sewer Backups

Common Causes

The 3 most common culprits that often lead to sewer backups include:

1. Tree roots
Roots from your yard or neighboring yards can affect the sewer system underground. Roots can grow into the pipes or wrap around them, causing major issues.

2. A Clog
Sewage clogs can happen when you use your toilet or garbage disposal as a waste basket. Throwing too much of anything solid down the pipes (like flushable wipes in the bathroom or food in the kitchen) can clog the sewer system.

3. Broken or Collapsed Lines
In older homes with cast iron or clay piping, sewer backups can happen due to the materials breaking down and crumbling over a long period of time.

Signs You Need Sewer Repair

The symptoms of a sewer line problem are often a little different than your typical in-house plumbing issue. It’s a good idea to call a plumber if:

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Sewer Replacement in Houston

Some sewer pipes can last more than 100 years. But if the situation is bad enough, and repairs won’t remedy the problem, it may be time for sewer replacement. The replacement process traditionally requires trenching, which can last several days and requires fixing damage to your landscape and hardscape. Trenchless methods are faster and require fewer repairs and less cleanup.

We can also employ pipe bursting, which is a trenchless method of forcing a pipe through the existing line, which serves as an immediate replacement. The cost of sewer replacement depends on how much pipe is installed, accessibility, and the technique used. We offer various ways to accommodate your budget so your sewer and plumbing service are restored.

Sewer Line Cleaning in Houston

Our Houston area clients also depend on us for sewer line maintenance, an important way of helping your sewer system last longer. Village Plumbing employs high tech tools for unclogging and cleaning sewer lines, including mechanical systems and high pressure jets of water to scour pipes clean without chemicals or the risk of damage.


While we’re on a cleaning job, we may also perform a video camera inspection. A visual look at sewer lines and underground pipes allows us to assess the condition of the line from within, diagnose problems, and devise innovative ways to fix them. The process often saves time and money by avoiding more costly repairs.

Your Local Sewer Line Services Contractor

Sewer line problems are not uncommon in the Houston area. At Village Plumbing, our technicians are trained in the latest tools and repair methods to address any sewer line issue. Whether the job requires a repair, installation, or replacement, our team gets the job done right. To put our customers first, our services include a 100% guarantee, warranties, and financing.
We are also available to help in emergencies. If you need to schedule sewer and plumbing services in Houston, TX, feel free to request help online or call 713-526-1491.
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