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Air Conditioner Installation in Houston, TX

Top rated for air conditioner service in Houston, TX, Village Plumbing & Air makes sure your new A/C provides years of reliable, trouble-free cooling.

Air Conditioner Installation in Houston, TX

Top rated for air conditioner service in Houston, TX, Village Plumbing & Air makes sure your new A/C provides years of reliable, trouble-free cooling.


Proper installation is the first step to ensuring you have a long-lasting A/C unit. We understand that air conditioners in Houston work hard for much of the year. This increases the strain and wear on cooling systems, and even the most well-maintained units eventually need to be replaced. Whether you’re installing an air conditioner for the first time or need air conditioning replacement in Houston, you can expect high-quality customer service with a 100% guarantee.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Living in the Texas heat is manageable if your home is cool. But extreme heat can strain A/C units until component failure causes serious trouble. When this happens or your unit breaks down, we’ll quickly dispatch technicians to your home. We have crews on-call 24/7 who are trained and equipped to diagnose the underlying cause and make any type of repair on any make, model, or brand of air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Repair

Replacing your A/C can be a more cost-effective option over the long run. It can avoid repeated repair visits while a new unit typically operates more efficiently. You can trust our team to properly size your air conditioning system based on a full evaluation of your home.

We also offer a range of options; being a Lennox Premier dealer lets us install high-quality systems and provide repair and replacement services within warranty (non-warrantied systems are fixed as well). A 10-year manufacturer parts warranty is included with A/C replacement. And if your budget is tight, we offer fast and easy financing with 0% interest or $0 payment during the promotional period.

Professional Installation with Lasting Results

At Village Plumbing, our A/C installation technicians are fully licensed and trained to install an air conditioning system in your home. They handle all the manual labor, from preparing for the unit and its components to be installed to lifting heavy equipment. Another important step is sizing the system for your home, which requires a load calculation factoring in the building’s size, number of occupants, and efficiency factors such as number/size of windows and insulation.
An air conditioner that’s too big for your home does not provide the benefits some people think it does. In this case, bigger isn’t better. Too large an A/C will short cycle and use more energy. It will also remove less humidity, so your home will feel warmer and damper. An air conditioner that’s too small won’t provide enough comfort either. It’ll run longer, causing it to consume more energy and wear out faster, increasing utility and repair bills.
Our team ensures your A/C is perfectly sized for your home, properly installed, and tested to ensure it operates as it’s designed to.

When to Install a New A/C

The following factors are important to consider when deciding to install a new air conditioning system:

  • Your existing equipment is over 10 years old.
  • It needs frequent, expensive repairs.
  • It could cost more to repair the old unit.
  • The energy bill continues to increase.
  • You are expanding your home.
  • The existing system no longer meets your comfort needs.
  • There are performance issues such as no cool air, limited airflow, moisture buildup, odd noises, and foul odors.
We also offer Houston air conditioning repair services. Most A/C issues can be fixed quickly and in one visit. Our technicians stock the parts and tools they need in our service trucks, allowing them to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix air conditioners on the spot. They can also provide you with advice on when to replace your A/C and how you could benefit by doing so. You can also consult with them and receive estimates on a virtual service call.
Financing, Maintenance Plans, and Other Opportunities to Save

Village Plumbing & Air offers flexible payment options that include 0% financing, no down payments, and no early payment penalties. You can submit your information online to request financing that helps you afford a new air conditioner.

By signing up for our Village Partner Plan, you’ll pay an annual fee to receive bi-annual A/C and furnace tune-ups, an annual plumbing inspection, and discounts on any service needed. You’ll also receive reminders when it’s time to schedule an inspection, ensuring your HVAC maintenance needs are met and your new A/C lasts at least as long as expected. Also check with us for coupons and other ways you can save on equipment and services.
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