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Heating Replacement

When it’s time to replace your furnace, trust Village Plumbing & Air for proper sizing and high-quality, energy-efficient home heating solutions.

Heating Replacement and Installation in Houston

When it’s time to replace your furnace, trust Village Plumbing & Air for proper sizing and high-quality, energy-efficient home heating solutions.
Replace Your Furnace
Houston home and business owners rely on heating during the few cooler months of the year. A furnace breakdown in the winter can leave you shivering. Being uncomfortable isn’t the only reason to call for emergency furnace service. A malfunctioning heater can spark a fire or release poisonous gasses like carbon monoxide. And your old furnace may be burning more energy and costing more money than is necessary.
When furnace replacement is the only answer, don’t take chances. The professionals at Village Plumbing & Air specialize in the newest models and latest technologies. A Premier Lennox Dealer, we provide high-quality installation and Lennox furnace service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll see even warmth and energy savings not possible with a decades-old furnace
And for individual equipment replacement, furnaces are covered under a 5-year parts/2-year labor warranty. With complete HVAC system replacement, you get expanded coverage with a 10-year parts and 2-year labor warranty.
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Furnace Maintenance

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Furnace Replacement

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Air Conditioning Repair

Living in the Texas heat is manageable if your home is cool. But extreme heat can strain A/C units until component failure causes serious trouble. When this happens or your unit breaks down, we’ll quickly dispatch technicians to your home. We have crews on-call 24/7 who are trained and equipped to diagnose the underlying cause and make any type of repair on any make, model, or brand of air conditioning unit.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Replacing your A/C can be a more cost-effective option over the long run. It can avoid repeated repair visits while a new unit typically operates more efficiently. You can trust our team to properly size your air conditioning system based on a full evaluation of your home.

We also offer a range of options; being a Lennox Premier dealer lets us install high-quality systems and provide repair and replacement services within warranty (non-warrantied systems are fixed as well). A 10-year manufacturer parts warranty is included with A/C replacement. And if your budget is tight, we offer fast and easy financing with 0% interest or $0 payment during the promotional period.

When to Replace Your Heater

Furnace maintenance and repair can extend the life of your system. But there will eventually come a time when the only practical option is to invest in a new appliance. It’s never an easy decision, and it often comes at an unexpected time. Fortunately, we offer financing with no down payments and low interest rates to help you afford the best system for your home.
  • Your Furnace Is Old: A gas furnace lasts about 15 to 20 years, while an electric furnace can last as long as 30. If your older furnace isn’t running properly and/or is losing efficiency, our technicians will typically recommend replacing it.
  • Loud Noise: If your furnace is popping, temperature fluctuations are affecting parts, while a rattling sound may mean something is loose inside the unit. Screeching indicates damage to a belt, pulley, or blower motor. Booming sounds are often accompanied by gas emission issues, while increasingly louder humming can mean your furnace is nearing the end of its life.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: The temperature should be about the same from one room to another. If it’s suddenly hotter or cooler as you walk between rooms, your furnace may no longer be able to distribute heat evenly.
  • The Furnace Register Is Dirty: If you notice soot around the furnace register and grille, your home is noticeably more dusty, and the air is dry, the unit is producing too much carbon dioxide. Other signs include dry air damage to wood flooring and furnishings and dead house plants. Replacing your furnace may be the only way to resolve these issues.
  • The Flame Is Not Blue: A furnace flame should always be blue. Yellow flames are of particular concern, as these can mean there’s a gas leak, combustion problem, or the furnace is producing carbon monoxide. Unless the underlying problem can be repaired, we will replace your furnace with a brand new, high-efficiency model.
  • Higher Operating Costs: Keep a close watch on expenditures. As an older furnace works harder, it draws more energy and in turn causes your energy bills to spike. The cost of repairs is another factor. If fixing the unit costs over half the price of installing a new furnace, it is time for a replacement.

Professional Sizing and Installation

The team at Village Plumbing & Air will fully evaluate your home before installing a new heater. The size of your home, how many people live there, climate, and numerous other variables will be considered. The goal is to install a perfectly sized furnace. A unit that’s too big or too small can use more energy, wear out sooner, and require premature repair and replacement. We make sure that doesn’t happen and you save throughout the life of the furnace, starting with an accurate estimate we stick to throughout the process.
During installation, we work to the highest standards. From placement to making the proper connections, to updating ducts, ventilation, exhaust components, and electrical connections/circuits, our team will be certain to ensure your new heater stays reliable and safe for many years. We’ll even protect your home with floor mats and protective shoe covers, discard the old unit, and explain in detail how the new system works.

Why Call Village Plumbing and Air

Check often for the latest coupons and specials available in the Houston area. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and helping you save. Top quality furnace maintenance services are also available to our Village Partner Plan members, who receive two furnace tune-ups per year. To learn more about our award winning services, inquire about financing, and schedule an in-home consultation, call 713-526-1491 today.
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