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Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston, TX

Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston, TX

Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston, TX

Indoor air pollution can affect the performance of your air conditioning and heating system. It can also have a negative impact on your health. Your HVAC system conditions all the air in your home. It doesn’t only provide heating and cooling; it also manages humidity and the quality of air that circulates. 

If there are high quantities of organic pathogens, your system can have a hard time doing its job. The same pollutants found outdoors can be more highly concentrated inside, exposing your family to potentially hazardous viruses, bacteria, chemicals, gases, and volatile organic compounds. Mold spores can be a problem as well. 

Since 1946, Village Plumbing & Air has been servicing your most important home systems. Our Houston, TX, A/C technicians are trained and equipped to assess your indoor air quality and make improvements. Our award-winning services are accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and flat-rate pricing. As we fully understand the importance of having clean air in your home, we provide some of the best solutions on the market.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality with Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Installing a UV light in your HVAC system is highly effective at killing a range of organic contaminants. A UV lighting device is often installed within the evaporating unit through which all air passes before it circulates. As air passes through, exposure to UV light destroys the DNA of bacteria, mold, and fungi. The remaining particles then move safely along with conditioned air through ducts and air registers.

What is left of the contaminant after being hit by UV light is harmless. The damage done is too much to repair itself. Ultraviolet light therefore controls mold and bacteria, reduces the risk of infectious diseases, and eliminates odors. Ultraviolet light, at a 254 nanometer wavelength, is extremely effective as it is absorbed into the DNA of microorganisms rendering it unable to replicate proteins. Although not every germ is killed instantly, it cannot cause harm and will have a reduced lifespan after exposure.

Can UV HVAC Lights Harm Humans?

While UV light can be harmful to people, ultraviolet light emitters installed in your HVAC system won’t expose you to UV radiation. Nonetheless, it has limitations. Dust and dead fungi aren’t eliminated, so you can still feel allergies. Another concern is if your ducts are damaged. Duct leaks can continue to draw in new contaminants, potentially introducing more than the UV light can kill through each pass. If there are too many pathogens coming in, not all will be in direct contact with the light.

How We Install UV Lights

The installation process is relatively simple for our HVAC technicians. The light unit is installed inside the evaporator and wired to the unit. The light will turn on only when the system is running. While we are servicing your equipment, we’ll also inspect and clean the air handler system, determine if there are any duct leaks, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

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