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Gas Line Services in Houston, TX
For over 70 years, Village Plumbing & Air has been servicing homes in the Houston area.

Gas Line Plumbing in Houston, TX

Whether you need gas line repair in Houston or gas pipe maintenance, the licensed professionals at Village Plumbing will restore service and your safety.

Gas Line Installation and Replacement in Houston

For most of us, natural gas is less expensive than electricity. It provides reliable heating and allows us to cook, dry the laundry, and keep refrigerators going. But its flammability and potential toxicity mean you need an experienced technician to install and service your home’s gas lines. 

Fortunately, our Houston plumbers are licensed and trained to properly install and replace gas lines. Our gas plumber in Houston will choose the right-sized pipe and fittings. If necessary, they’ll make modifications to the connection, install a new gas meter, and perform any excavation work. We’re trained in all safety measures, so there are no concerns during or after the job is completed.

Gas Line Repair in Houston

A leaking or ruptured gas line can trigger a fire or explosion. Major property damage and injuries can result. Don’t wait to call us if you smell natural gas or otherwise suspect a leak. Your household is in immediate danger so leave your home immediately before contacting us. We diagnose issues quickly and fix all types of gas line problems in homes. Available 24/7, we can address a gas plumbing emergency day or night.

Signs of Gas Line Issues That Need Repair

A gas leak can trigger breathing difficulties, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and eye and throat irritation. Carbon monoxide poisoning is possible if you have chest or stomach pain, pink or red skin, trouble seeing, or lose muscle control. Evacuate and call for help if these symptoms only occur while in your home and you notice any of these signs:

A hissing or whistling noise from a gas line

Visible holes or other damage to a gas pipe

Blowing dust or a white cloud near a gas line

Bubbling water near a gas source

Soil near a gas line has been disturbed

House plants are wilted, discolored, or dead

Gas Appliance Installation & Repair

Our gas line services also include installing and addressing gas leaks that involve gas grills, stoves, or fireplaces. Gas clothes dryers may emit a faint gas smell but if the odor is stronger and lasts longer than usual, call for help. A sulfur smell can mean your furnace has a gas leak or a pilot light problem. Gas jacuzzis, spas, and hot tubs that use natural gas can also develop problems that we can fix.

Gas Line Maintenance Services in Houston

Metal gas pipes are prone to corrosion, which can eventually cause a leak. During an inspection, we carefully evaluate the condition of your gas plumbing and perform repairs before a leak or rupture occurs. We also have the equipment to inspect and repair underground gas lines. The latest technologies let us quickly resolve any issues, whereas earlier methods were more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Our maintenance plan members save even more as a whole house plumbing inspection (which includes a gas line and furnace check) is included.

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We provide a full range of gas line services, including emergency repairs, in addition to plumbing and HVAC services. Our Houston plumbing and gas line repair, installation, and maintenance professionals are trained to address any issue or project involving your gas plumbing. When you need a gas plumber in Houston, request service online or call (713) 526-1491.

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