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Go Texans Friday with VPHS

Team spirit was alive and well at Village Plumbing last Friday

It may not have worked out for the Texans on Sunday, but Village was rooting for the home team Friday as they celebrated a little bit of team spirit of their own, celebrating a good week spent helping customers with various plumbing and AC issues around the house. And many customers learned about the Village  Partner Plan,  aka the VPP. It’s a hit among customers, allowing them to receive better pricing, and preventative maintenance, and first class priority VIP service from the techs at Village Plumbing.

You know that although the Texans lost the  game, it’s not because they hadn’t prepared and practiced many hours. Having made the long trek to Rutherford, they also had to deal with a tough team away from home.

The VPP helps our customers prepare for Home Games. We believe in being prepared in order to save money in the long run, avoiding disasters that would certainly  be more likely without such expert preventative maintenance. If we could fit another P into VPP it would be for Peace of Mind, because you’ll know your systems are  prepared.

Read all about it  on our 2  Service Partner Plan pages – Plumbing and HVAC.   Notice that on the Plumbing page, in addition to Dye Testing Toilets, and Testing Faucet Performance, you’ll see the word Check 10 times. We’re checking things out such as  Emergency Relief Valves and Emergency Shutoffs and Tags, and many items that often get overlooked.

The HVAC page discusses  the Pre Seasons, both Summer and Winter, and it’s worth noting that in football, preseason stats aren’t that meaningful, even though the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks did go 4-0 last year in the preseason. But in plumbing and HVAC, preseason stats mean everything. You need to get your home prepared, and Village’s expert and licensed technicians are the ones in your corner.

We’re going to take care of our  home team, our Village Partners. Call us at (713) 526-1491where  we’ll be happy to serve you, and be sure to ask about the VPP too.

Go Texans Friday at Village Plumbing

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