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Maintaining a cool environment indoors is challenging with Houston’s heat and humidity. But don’t sweat it!

Established in 1946, family-owned Village Plumbing & Air offers comprehensive HVAC and plumbing services in Houston. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we provide parts and labor warranties and upfront flat-rate prices. Rely on us for all your HVAC needs.

Some of our awards include:

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Reliable AC Repair

AC failures in triple-digit weather are unsafe but controllable with emergency AC repairs.

With 24/7 emergency AC repair, whether you have central air, a heat pump, or ductless AC, our highly skilled, NATE-certified technicians work on all makes and models.

Our team can help you make an informed decision with a free estimate on your service. We also offer online
 and affordable financing.

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How To Prevent Emergency Repairs

With professional AC installation or replacement, most systems last eight to 10 years (20+ years if properly maintained). Routine AC service can help them function properly year after year.

Ways to reduce the need for AC repairs include:

  • Change the air filter regularly, around every two to three months.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of debris, such as tree limbs, dirt, and furniture.
  • Schedule routine maintenance for a system inspection, minor repairs, etc., twice a year.

Our Village Partner Plan includes exclusive savings, up to 10% off our services, biannual tune-ups, virtual service calls, and other cool advantages!

Signs You Need AC Repair

The sweltering summer weather can strain your HVAC. Signs it needs service include:

  • The air is warm: Culprits include refrigerant leaks, clogged filters, or malfunctioning compressors.
  • Uneven room temps: Recalibrate your thermostat, check for a faulty connection, and change the batteries.
  • Strange AC noises: Squealing or grinding might be a loose belt, failing motor, or worn bearings. Get it checked ASAP to avoid a system failure.
  • Sticky or humid rooms: Install a dehumidifier to prevent mold/mildew. It also might be a malfunctioning system component.


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What Are the Components of an Air Conditioning (or HVAC) System?

Inside Your Home

  • The evaporator coil evaporates liquid refrigerant, absorbs heat, and cools the coil.
  • The copper tubes include refrigerant that converts gas and removes heat.
  • The filter removes particles in the air to improve indoor air quality.
  • The ductwork runs cool air throughout your home.
  • The expansion valve regulates refrigerant in your evaporator coil.
  • The thermostat lets you adjust the temperature settings.

Outside Your Home

  • The fan (blower) blows air inside after extracted hot air is removed and cooled with refrigerant.
  • The compressor (box) pressurizes refrigerant, converts gas to liquid, and runs it through your system.
  • The condenser coil works with refrigerant to pull heat from the air and blow it outside.
  • The air handler connects to your ducts and uses filters and heating/cooling elements.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why Choose Village Plumbing & Air?

Village Plumbing & Air provides exceptional AC repair in Houston. With five-star ratings, our licensed and insured technicians are background-checked and specialize in all types of AC repairs.

Let us tackle your AC problems, big or small. We’ll treat you like family, and you'll stay cool and comfortable all summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before calling a technician, check that the AC is switched on, the unit is plugged in, and the thermostat is set to cooling mode. Replace the air filter if it is clogged. These are issues you can resolve yourself. If none of them apply to your situation, contact us for AC repair in Houston.

Likely because you have a drain line stoppage. Customers often confuse “leaking units” for condensate. But if an AC is not creating water, it’s not taking humidity out of the air, and it’s not cooling. Whether there’s cause for concern depends on where the leak is happening. Is it because water is condensing and draining outside or is it coming through the ceiling? Try and locate the leak to decide if it’s time to call for AC repair in Houston.

This could be as simple as a clogged drain line or blocked filter. But a major component problem is another possibility. It could also be a tripped breaker. If you’ve never dealt with a tripped breaker, you should get a professional to diagnose the issue. It’s easy to damage the breaker box if you don’t know what you are doing. A major fault in your AC unit may be the reason the breaker tripped in the first place.

Check to see if your outdoor condenser is running. If not, you may have a clogged drain line, which is one of the most common problems with AC units in Houston. Other reasons include a condenser unit blocked by debris, a frozen evaporator coil, a refrigerant leak, or an undersized air conditioner.

Yes, because they don’t require ducts, you can easily add a mini-split to your garage, basement, attic, or add-on.

Most contractors recommend replacing your AC system if a repair cost equals more than half the unit’s value. Plus, you’ll likely need additional repairs if the unit is over 10 years old. A new AC can earn some of the cost back in the form of energy savings over time.

Some ACs include indoor air quality (IAQ) features, but consider an IAQ test. Our air scrubbers block viruses and pathogens like norovirus, bird flu, MRSA, listeria, strep, staph, coli, and swine flu.

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