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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing Services in Houston, TX

Village Plumbing and Air has been serving the Houston area since 1946. Woman-owned and family-run, we emphasize integrity and honesty with every service call. Your satisfaction is our priority whether you need A/C, heating, appliance, or plumbing repair. When it comes to installation and maintenance you can count on our expertise and diligence. Our technicians are always on-time, thorough, and courteous, ensuring your home is neat and clean before they leave. Air Conditioning   Our customers rely on their A/C

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DIY Guide: How to Connect PVC to PEX Pipes

Plumbers and do-it-yourselfers have benefited from cross-linked polyethylene pipe with its simple design. It is flexible, allowing it to bend in just about any direction. It’s also available in red and blue, making it easy to distinguish between hot- and cold-water lines. And fortunately, connecting PVC to PEX is easy to do. Whether you’re looking to repair or expand your plumbing, adding PEX to your existing system is accomplished using a threaded fitting. In general, a fitting comes with one

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Everything You Need to Know About Foundation Waterproofing

When people think of home improvement, they typically associate it with what they can see. But what isn’t visible can be most problematic for your home, especially when it comes to foundation problems. Your house is built on top of the foundation, which is the only thing between it and the ground. Therefore, issues such as wet or unstable soil can create big problems that foundation waterproofing can protect your home from. Why Waterproof a Foundation?   Waterproofing your foundation

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Habitat for Humanity 2021

For the 5th year in a row, we are proud to partner with KPRC/Channel 2 for the Houston Habitat Home Build 2021. Helping a lucky family achieve homeownership is inspiring to all of our employees and they enjoy working on the home each year. Receiving a habitat home is not as simple as it sounds. Among other pre-requisites, the recipient of the home is required to put in 250 hours of sweat equity, including: Completing financial and home maintenance training

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Triathlete John Barth Racing for Dystonia

Racing for a Reason Triathlete John Barth is racing for a reason. A victim himself of a debilitating disease called Cervical Dystonia (Spasmodic Torticollis), Barth is thankful for a support team that has helped him  fight back, while raising money for the cause. Barth along with Team BluFrog  has put up a web page dedicated to raise awareness, and garner support for his upcoming September 7 race, where he states: “During my initial treatment and lifestyle adjustment, at the suggestion of my

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Village Plumbing’s Military Families Program

Military Families Service & Supply Program We are more than pleased to be working with an organization that will help Military Families get the School Supplies they need, for the school year starting this fall, but going forward into the Spring. It’s as easy as bringing to any school supplies you can share to Village Plumbing & Home Services at 10644 W Little York Rd, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77041! Even the smallest items will help these kids feel loved

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