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Your Home’s Major Systems: AC, Water Heaters, and Plumbing

When the weather is mild, take advantage by shoring up your home’s major systems.

Houston is not currently enduring any major heat wave. But why wait for cold weather, or the next emergency? While things seem calm, take advantage by taking steps to strengthen your home’s major systems.

How did your AC hold up through the summer?

graph courtesy TXU energy Did your energy bills go up? If you’re using an annual contract style of energy bill, you may not even realize how much more your system uses June through October. Ask your energy company to see a usage graph and look at your fluctuating energy output. Now would be the perfect time to talk to Village about your home’s AC and Heating systems, and insulation.

Perhaps your system, having worked hard for many years, is really dragging you down now. And the technological innovations we’ve seen from Lennox make getting a new system now a cool way to save using a programmable thermostat, solar panels, or maybe just a new solid AC unit that is built to last. Talk to a Village HVAC expert and get a feel for your next step.

Our Owens Corning insulation also saves you money long term, whether the temperatures are hot OR cold.

You’ll be happy to know Village installs Owens Corning insulation, the best available. In a rare case you may need to first remove your current insulation. Again, talk to Village. Our experts can explain to you such things as an R-Value, and how to make sure your home is well insulated.

Is your water heater doing its job?

Another culprit of inefficiency in your home is an  old, worn out water heater. Do you still use a tank to store water 24/7? How about calling Village to discuss your water heater, and what a tankless system could do for you?

Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Energy efficient
  • Endless hot water, constant temp
  • Small footprint
  • Clean too!

Heat water only when you need it, and get it faster. Use up less space in your home. Save energy. Why not get a tankless water heater installed by professionals at Village today?

Plumbing systems

Another major area that Village can help you with is your home’s plumbing system. Of course, plumbing is the mainstay of what has made Village a household name in Houston. Established in 1946, we have seen plumbing fixtures from before many of you were born, while constantly staying current. That’s why our parts department is often populated by other plumbers who know that Village probably has that very-hard-to-find plumbing part available, and has experience with how to install it, or fix it.

But plumbing is a deep subject. Whether it’s backflow prevention and inspections, drain cleaning, sump pumps or sewer repair, Village handles it professionally. You need a trusted, licensed company that stands behind its work.

But our plumbing department also brings expertise in whole house water filtration, tankless water heaters, and modern plumbing fixture installation. Become a service partner (a VPP)  to get year round coverage, priority service, and extended warranty protection, not to mention special pricing on all plumbing service work. Call “(713) 526-1491 and ask one of our helpful customer service reps about the VPP (Village Partner Plan). The full plan includes HVAC too.

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