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2024 HVAC & Plumbing Rebates for Texas Homeowners

With another summer underway, many Houston residents want to upgrade their HVAC and plumbing systems. The good news is that there are several tax credits and other ways to save on this essential equipment. The Inflation Reduction Act, federal rebate programs, and other discounts from state-based utility organizations can help your family enjoy a comfortable home without breaking the bank on energy bills. In this blog post, Village Plumbing & Air experts discuss these money-saving options in more detail and

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duct cleaning in Houston

Simple Tips for Duct Cleaning in Houston

If you’re having indoor air quality issues, you may think about calling an HVAC professional. This is a good move in many cases. Numerous professional solutions will clean and sanitize your ductwork. But cleaning ducts doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some relatively simple tips for duct cleaning in Houston homes. Is It Wise to Clean Your Ductwork Yourself? The average homeowner isn’t trained to service their ductwork. However, there isn’t a big learning curve. You don’t need high-tech

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AC Repair Company in Houston

An AC Repair Company in Houston that Knows Daikin Equipment

Not everyone knows it, but an HVAC contractor’s experience fixing the brand, make, or model of an AC is one of the most important aspects to look for. In the HVAC market, brand matters, especially regarding repairs. A quality brand AC may need fewer repair calls over its service life. But when it requires attention, you want to ensure your AC repair company in Houston is knowledgeable and equipped to service it.  Village Plumbing: Houston’s Daikin AC Repair Company Experience

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HVAC air filter

What Type of HVAC Air Filter Should I Use?

Besides the thermostat, the air filter is the next most common HVAC component you will interact with. It should be changed every few months. The frequency depends on how much you use your HVAC system, if your home is particularly dusty, or if you have pets. Another major consideration is the type of HVAC air filter to use. We’ll look at a few options to help you decide. What Are MERV Ratings? The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, identifies

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Do I Need a Permit for Plumbing or Air Conditioning Repair?

There are many reasons to hire skilled HVAC technicians or licensed plumbers in Houston. Aside from their knowledge and expertise, a permit may be required for the project. It’s typically a contractor’s job to pull a permit, so attempting a DIY plumbing or AC repair, water heater replacement, or kitchen or bathroom remodel may be out of the question. What Is a Permit? A permit is a document issued by a city or county that authorizes a project. Whether any

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How Does an AC Tune Up Service Improve Efficiency?

Modern air conditioners are designed to run efficiently and improve climate control. But without proper maintenance, they won’t do so for long. That’s why HVAC contractors provide AC tune up services, which can prevent declines in performance and system breakdowns. It’s often advertised that a tune up will reduce energy usage, lower your electric bill, and help your AC last longer. All these can save you money. But how does one service call do this? That’s because it allows an

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How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a convenient appliance that makes it easier to break up and dispose of foods without throwing them in the trash. However, it is prone to buildup of gunk and debris. This may not only cause mold and bacteria to grow, odors, and other problems, but can clog up the device as well. Cleaning the unit weekly can avoid these issues. We’ll now explain how to clean a garbage disposal, so it is always ready to use.

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How the Air Conditioning Installation Process Works

Most air conditioners require professional installation. The parts of an AC system include a compressor, condenser coil, and evaporator coil as well as a blower to disperse cooled air, a fan to dissipate heat outside, a thermostat, and filter. For all these parts to work properly and efficiently, the air conditioner must be installed correctly. You’ll most likely rely on your local HVAC contractor for air conditioning installation, but this overview of the process can help you prepare. In-Home Evaluation/Estimate

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Top safety tips for your furnace room

Top Furnace Room Safety Tips to ALWAYS Follow

The furnace room may go for months without being occupied. It can be easy to forget how to safely work around your furnace. And your heating system is not guaranteed to start up flawlessly after months of inactivity. We recommend routine professional maintenance to avoid problems. But these furnace safety tips will help when shutting off your heater this year, and when turning it up again next season. Improve Furnace Room Ventilation Fuel-powered furnaces burn natural gas, oil, or propane.

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Can an Emergency Furnace Repair Save Christmas?

If you’re thinking about whether or not your furnace is working properly, we have some insightful information that may help you understand if your furnace is operating safely. While these complex devices are built to last through all types of weather and rarely pose a threat to your home or family, fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks do happen. And these issues can happen when you least expect them. Knowing what to look for at the first sign of trouble

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