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Village Discusses Heater Safety on KPRC Houston, Channel 2 News

Village Plumbing HVAC Technician Bryan Simpson on KPRC

Simpson discusses heater safety, carbon monoxide detectors and more with *KPRC’s Anousha Rasta.

Many of you may stay indoors and most likely turn your heaters on for the first time since last winter to stay warm. That’s why it’s important to remember how to use those heaters safely, so the equipment doesn’t spark a fire in your home.

Simpson says: “Try not to go to sleep with them on. No kerosene heaters.” Simpson recommends keeping anything that can burn at least 2 to 3 feet away from your heaters or furnaces before you turn them on. “People use their attics for storage. That’s where most of the heaters are. You just want to go up there and make sure that it has clearance,” Simpson says.

Bryan tells us you should also check your furnace’s filter and change it when it’s dirty. For space heaters, don’t plug them into extension cords, but instead, straight into the outlet on the wall. And don’t forget your carbon monoxide detector: “First and foremost you want o check to make sure your detector’s batteries are fresh.”

Village Plumbing also recommends you hire a professional to check your furnace at least once every year. In fact, the Village Partner Plan is on sale for $99 which includes a thorough furnace and AC check every year, and a plumbing visit too. Call (713) 526-1491 for details.

*as reported by KPRC: Colder weather a reminder to check safety of heaters

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