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Water Softener Services in Houston, TX

Water Softener Services in Houston, TX

Water Softener Services in Houston, TX

Are you dealing with clogged drains, spots on kitchenware, and other signs of hard water? Our Houston, TX, plumbers can help by installing a water softening system.


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Water Softener Installation Professionals

Many homeowners are familiar with the signs of hard water. You might see a filmy residue on dishes or shower doors, or experience plumbing issues such as clogged drains and blocked pipes. Dry skin and hair may be persistent as well. This is due to high levels of magnesium and calcium in your water supply but, with the right system to remove these, softening the water can prevent or eliminate hard water issues in your home.


How a Water Softener Works

Water softening systems use ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium ions. These are replaced with sodium ions, and when the tank fills up, the unit goes into regeneration mode in which salt is mixed with incoming water to remove mineral particles. After the regeneration cycle, the system is ready to continue removing minerals from your water supply.

There are also salt-free water softeners. Rather than physically removing molecules, such a unit changes the structure of molecules so they do not cause scale buildup. No chemicals are used in the process.

Once a water softener is installed, there is no mineral buildup that can be harmful to your plumbing and appliances. Drinking water also tastes better. Each water softener model has its own capacity, so you’ll need to determine how much water you use each day to find the best system. Our Houston plumbing technicians can evaluate your home before determining the right one to install.

Water Softener Repair and Maintenance

Like any machine or plumbing appliance, a water softener may occasionally require repairs. Common issues include blockages when minerals accumulate inside the water softener, which reduces efficiency and can block the path through the unit. The filter screen and brine line are most prone to blockages. Salt bridges in the brine tank, defective resin beads, motor failure, and human error are other reasons your water softener may need to be fixed.

Water softeners also need to be cleaned from time to time. Routine service ensures the system runs normally and lasts longer. A skilled plumbing technician can clean out your water softener, all the while clearing out the brine tank and recharging resin beads. They also know common issues to look for and take the appropriate measures to resolve them. Maintenance tasks also include checking for wear, optimizing settings, and testing water quality to catch any hidden water softener problems or malfunctions.

Ultimately, a technician can determine when it’s time to replace your water softener with an improved, more efficient system.

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Trust Our Houston Plumbing Company for Water Softener Services

Whether you need a water softener or water filtration system, our experienced plumbers can install, repair, and maintain one in your home. We also offer coupons and specials to help you save, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and parts/labor warranties for new plumbing installations. Join our maintenance plan to receive annual plumbing inspections and discounts on services. Don’t let the effects of hard water continue to affect your home. Call 713-526-1491 or request service online to get started today!

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