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The Top 5 Most Expensive HVAC & Plumbing Repairs

Without regular maintenance, incredibly costly plumbing and HVAC repairs may be needed. These can put a serious strain on your budget and require extensive home restorations. Here are some of the most expensive plumbing repairs and HVAC services it’s best to try to avoid:

1.Exterior Drainage Issues

Your exterior drainage system consists of gutters, downspouts, and properly sloped ground. These are intended to direct water away from your home. But improper sloping and failed gutters and downspouts can have the opposite effect, causing flooding and extensive water damage. Exterior drainage improvements may cost as little as $500 (a complete drainage system will cost about $4,214 on average (in 2022)). However, this pales compared to the tens of thousands you can spend on water damage repair.1

2.Repairing a Septic Tank

Fixing a septic tank is one of the most expensive plumbing repairs. As of 2022, the average repair cost was $628 to $2,919, with major repairs exceeding $6,000. Diagnosing an issue can cost a few hundred dollars alone. Tank material is a major cost factor; plastic is generally cheaper to repair, while concrete and fiberglass are more expensive. And if you have to replace the leach field, it can cost you as much as $20,000.2

3.Bathroom Plumbing Failure

The high concentration of plumbing fixtures makes a bathroom susceptible to water damage. During a failure, the damage may not be limited to a toilet or tub. In addition to the fixture and pipes serving it, grout, caulking, flooring materials, and the underlying framing may need to be replaced. Expensive issues can be avoided by sealing gaps, cleaning up spotty mold, and repairing small leaks. Otherwise, you may spend between $6,620 and $16,695, or as much as $28,000, to remodel a primary bathroom (according to 2023 estimates by HomeAdvisor).3

4.AC Compressor Failure

Replacing the compressor is one of the most expensive HVAC repairs, if not the most. When it fails, your HVAC system will not work. A new compressor, according to This Old House, costs $1,500 on average, but can run as high as $3,000.4 The price of a compressor increases depending on its size and capacity. You can save by addressing simple-to-fix issues like dirty coils and clogged filters that can strain the system, cause overheating, and damage the compressor.

5.Poor Attic/Crawlspace Ventilation

If your attic or crawlspace isn’t well-ventilated, moisture can get trapped in remote areas. The effects range from mold to structural issues due to moisture-induced wood decay. Crawlspace cleaning, repair, and restoration can cost up to $15,000 and mold removal can cost up to $4,000. Fixing the foundation under the crawlspace can cost $8,000; replacing just one support beam can cost $4,000.5 Repairing a water-damaged attic or roof can cost thousands more, but you can improve ventilation and reduce the risks with an attic fan, which usually costs under $1,000 to install.6

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