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Subtle Signs You May Need Gas Line Repair

gas line repair

If a gas pipe is cracked, rusted, or corroded, you immediately know the source of the problem. But some signs you need gas line repair are more subtle. Small gas leaks can be barely detectable. Whether the leak is small or large, your family is in immediate danger, so call a gas line repair company if you notice the following signs:

You Feel Off

If you feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, or fatigued only while in your home or a certain area, it may be due to a gas leak. Natural gas can have various health effects. Carbon monoxide can cause a wide range of symptoms and even lead to unconsciousness and death in high concentrations. While you may attribute your symptoms to other causes, be aware of the potential for a gas leak and check the gas lines, or call a professional to investigate.

Appliances Are Not Working Right

If your stove, water heater, or other gas appliances aren’t working as well, the problem may be with your gas line. The affected appliance(s) may not be receiving as much gas. Even if you think the source of the issue is an older appliance, it’s not impossible to have a faulty gas line too. A licensed plumber can determine whether a gas pipe, an appliance, or both need to be repaired.

Plants Are Dying

Even if houseplants get the sunlight and nutrients they need, some don’t fare as well. But if indoor plants are unexpectedly dying despite having all the right conditions, gas line repair may be necessary, especially if the problem is isolated to a specific area. A technician will inspect your home for any potential sources of a leak.

There’s Condensation on Windows

Condensation can appear on windows located above a gas line that is leaking. The water buildup can be a sign of other problems, such as high humidity. But be aware of the location and whether condensation occurs anywhere else. If it only occurs near where the gas line is, call for help.

You Can Hear Hissing

If you hear an unusual hissing anywhere in your home, check to see where it’s coming from. A small hole or crack in a pipe isn’t always easy to find. But listen carefully. Following the sound will help you determine if there is gas escaping from any point along the pipe.

Utility Bills Are Up

People often think of higher bills as a fact of life. But aside from normal seasonal fluctuations, utility companies typically don’t raise prices so steeply. If your gas bill skyrockets, you’re using much more gas than before, and the most likely culprit is a leak. Don’t only assume the problem is with an appliance; you can check it, but also call a licensed contractor to determine if you need immediate gas line repair.

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Since 1946, we’ve been providing all types of plumbing services in the Houston area. Our licensed technicians are available 24/7 to take care of emergencies. If you suspect there is a gas leak by direct observation or because you notice any of the signs mentioned above, reach out to us immediately and we’ll quickly send someone to your home. Contact Village Plumbing for gas line service by filling out our online request form or calling 713-526-1491 now.

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