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Texans Answer to a Higher Power Bill

ac-maintenance Texas is the second largest state (Alaska is over twice as big), but when it comes to utility bills, Texas cities rank 1 and 2 in the cities with the highest power bills, according to a study by Forbes Magazine, with the help of energy and utility analysis firm Ventyx.*

Prices at the pump tend to be cheaper in Texas, but that lower cost doesn’t extend over to utility bills. They’re high, and in a state with an abnormally long summer, especially in Houston, it really pays to save money by using energy-efficient HVAC equipment. Houses can be much larger down south too as compared to say, New York, so that combined with the weather create what’s called the air conditioner belt which runs from Florida through Georgia to Texas.

Houston depends on air conditioners, and Village Plumbing & Home Services is dedicated to servicing and installing these units.

Here are some tips to help keep those utility bills lower:

Regular AC Maintenance

Village Plumbing provides the Service Partner Plan – HVAC, which is highly advisable. Not only do you get special pricing on HVAC service work, priority service, and extended service warranties; you also get Pre-Season annual checkups to make sure your AC is in tip top shape.

Plan Your AC Replacement

Working with a professional HVAC tech means knowing exactly where you stand. When should you replace your AC units? Ask the experts at Village. Although most units have a life expectancy of around 15 years, your old AC if not energy efficient may be costing you far more when paying your utility bill. It may be time to get a clean start with an energy efficient AC.

Change Your Filters

Make a habit of changing your filters on a regular schedule. A clogged filter makes your AC work double time. No extra obstructions please. Swap out those dirty filters.


Insulation by Village Plumbing In addition, a well insulated home will make it seem like it’s not actually 105 degrees outside. It’s cool inside, right? Well it is if you have Village to help maintain your AC and advise you when selecting a new unit. And fortunately Village provides expert insulation analysis, and   installs the best available: Owens Corning.

More Energy Saving Tips from Village   Energy Saving Tips

* https://www.forbes.com/2010/04/01/biggest-power-bills-business-energy-texas-electric_slide.html

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