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Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Water Filtration System?

A whole-house water filtration system is installed in-line with your plumbing, so it’s best to hire a licensed plumber to do the work. The job is more complex than most DIYers can handle. You would need a complete understanding of how your plumbing system works and how to cut, place, and connect pipes. It’s therefore wise to have a plumber install a water filtration system for many reasons.

First, installing the system requires cutting into your plumbing. One mistake can mean being without running water until a technician makes repairs. You also risk injury, water leaks, and water damage if you don’t properly seal or tighten a fitting. And since a whole-house water filtration system is installed near the shut-off valve, where your home’s entire water supply passes through, your risk losing a lot of water.

Without experience and knowledge of how it works, you can’t promise the water filtration system will work correctly. The system won’t work if you connect it to the wrong ports. There’s also the risk of aligning it backward or otherwise improperly. Other issues you could face include inadequate filtration, or worse, contaminating your water supply. And if you accidentally damage your plumbing, you’ll have to pay for repairs.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

There are a number of reasons to pay a plumber to install your water filtration system, including:

  • High-Quality Results: A professional plumber is educated and trained in applying the tools and techniques needed to install a water filtration system. They also know the right measurements to take. Plus, they know what could go wrong, can anticipate challenges, and use their problem-solving ability when necessary.
  • They Have You Covered: Having a plumber around is convenient. It reduces the stress of not knowing what you’re doing. There’s no uncertainty when it comes to what equipment should be turned off or which valve to move. The system will be installed properly, ensuring it works and will likely last its expected lifetime. You’re also less likely to have warranty issues.
  • Professional Advice: Professional plumbers are typically willing to share their knowledge. In addition to applying their skills to get the job done right, they can offer trusted advice with accurate information on how to operate and care for your water filtration system, minimizing or even avoiding major issues.
  • Efficiency: A plumber can install a water filtration system much more quickly than someone who has never done so before. While the work might be complex, their training allows them to handle each task seamlessly. Even if a problem arises, they can work through it quickly and get the project back on track.
  • Safety: Working around plumbing often involves being near sharp objects, heavy-duty tools, and components that can transmit electricity. Any work involving your water lines should be left to a qualified professional, or your risk serious injury. Using pipe cutters, wrenches, solder, and other supplies incorrectly can be dangerous.
  • Save Money: A water filtration system costs a bit to install. But you can save money up front and over time by hiring a plumber. Otherwise, you’d need to buy your own tools and materials and spend more if there’s a problem. Also, if you install the system yourself, it won’t be warrantied, and you can’t benefit from a plumber’s guarantee on the work.

Why the Right Plumber Is Important

Some plumbers don’t have the experience required to install a water filtration system. You must therefore consider the services you need before hiring one. Also consider the type of filtration system. There are whole-house systems, reverse osmosis filters, water softening systems, distillers, well-water filters, and other filtration products that not every plumber is familiar with.

Also think about the size of system you need, the location of your main water line, and how big your main water pipe is. A plumber must know whether you need a drain or plug. And if there are any plumbing issues in your home, let them know ahead of time so they don’t need to run back and forth and charge more transportation fees.

Before you hire a plumber, you should consider the following:

  • Licensure
  • Complaint records
  • Worker’s compensation/liability insurance
  • Experience level
  • References

Make sure the work comes with a guarantee and warranty before signing a contract. Work and parts should be guaranteed for at least a year. Ask for an estimate on cost and completion time, when and how the plumber expects to get paid, and if they can explain what the job entails and how they protect your home. The plumber should be able to communicate clearly with you.

Trust Village Plumbing and Air’s Water Filtration Installers

Throughout Houston, we provide water filtration services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our plumbers are highly trained to install whole house water filtration systems that eliminate contaminants and ensure clean water at every faucet and fixture. We can also perform tasks such as replacing filters, cleaning the unit, inspecting the pressure pump, and other maintenance that should be performed once or twice per year.

If you have poor water quality, hard water, or an older home with lead pipes, request service online or call 713-526-1491 today to get started.

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