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5 Ways to Reduce the Need for AC Repair Services

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An air conditioner is a complex machine and you may think repairs are inevitable. While an AC will probably need a repair or two during its lifetime, there are steps you can take to reduce the number of required repairs or avoid a significant breakdown altogether. Here are 5 tips to reduce the need for AC repair services in your Houston home.

1. Make a Habit of Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter

The filter captures dirt and dust, so AC components and indoor air aren’t contaminated. Replacing the filter (typically every 60 to 90 days) and cleaning a reusable one (as recommended by the manufacturer) not only improves indoor air quality, it also protects vital parts of your air conditioner and helps it work less hard. This in turn reduces wear and tear that can eventually lead to big repairs. Energy consumption can be reduced as well.

2. Inspect/Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condenser is exposed to the elements. If you don’t properly care for it, you’ll likely need more AC repair services during the system’s life. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to keep the unit clean. Check it often for dirt, leaves, branches, and debris; brush these away as needed. You can also wash down the coils with a water hose. These tasks can improve efficiency and prevent overheating, blocked drains, and clogged fans that can do substantial damage.

3. Check that Your AC Is Cooling Properly

Call a professional if your AC isn’t cooling as effectively during the warmer months. You can also check how it’s working before then. Even if the weather isn’t warm yet, run a cooling cycle to see if your AC runs smoothly. If something seems off, call a licensed professional to diagnose and correct any potential issues or tune up your AC. This can avoid major repairs down the line.

4. Change Your Thermostat Habits

Using the thermostat incorrectly can increase the strain on your system. It’s best not to set it too high or too low. This won’t help your AC get to the desired temperature more quickly. Find a moderate setting, and the system can provide more consistent temperatures while not being overworked. Also, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat that you can program to optimize temperature and reduce energy consumption. It also reduces the demand on your AC when you’re not home, so there’s less wear and tear.

5. Stay on Top of Routine Maintenance

Annual service is called preventative maintenance for a reason. Professional inspections allow technicians to find minor faults, lubricate moving parts, and clean vital components so your system runs smoothly. These reduce the need for AC repair services and can result in substantial savings over time, especially considering the rising costs of parts and labor. If your local HVAC contractor offers a maintenance plan, joining it can result in even more savings as basic care and services may be included.

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