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Water Heaters: New Energy Efficiency Regs are Coming

Beware: New EF Regulations Could Impact Buying a New Water Heater Soon Call us at  (713) 526-1491 before the deadline of April 16, 2015 to learn about your water heater options! It’s true. Your water heater will likely become more expensive to replace, due to new EF (energy factor) ratings requirements effective April 15. This will change the water…

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Cost of Energy-Efficient Tankless Water Heaters in Houston

noritz tankless water heater

A  tankless water heater in your  Houston home  can help you be  environmentally friendly, while lowering your  utility bill. When it comes to lowering utility expenses, most property owners consider changing their light bulbs and lamps into fixtures that are more energy efficient, installing better insulation to maintain indoor temperatures, and cutting back on the use of water when possible.…

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