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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Houston, TX

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Houston, TX

24/7 AC Repair by Licensed HVAC Professionals

At Village Plumbing & Air, we are always prepared for the unexpected. If your HVAC system acts up or fails, your home can quickly become hot, humid, and dusty, leading to very unhealthy conditions. Air conditioners consist of complex assemblies of mechanical and electrical components that can be strained by a variety of factors. You can address some factors with regular maintenance but others, like operational stress or perhaps a system not sized properly for your home, can’t be managed unless major changes are made.

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Air Conditioning Repair

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If you’re looking for an energy efficient AC system, you came to the right place. As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we sell a complete line of energy efficient Lennox air conditioners.


What Is an AC Emergency?

Many people view an emergency as a situation in which your AC doesn’t turn on. This is certainly a problem, and we can address causes such as thermostat failure or problems with the thermostat, electric control, or motor. Dirty condensers, wiring issues, or a lack of power can cause your air conditioner to stop working as well. You might also encounter urgent problems such as:

  • Limited Airflow: Is often caused by ductwork problems such as air leaks, clogs, disconnected components, or blocked vents and registers. Faulty blowers or thermostat issues can restrict airflow. Or a condenser or filter may simply be obstructed.
  • Poor Cooling Performance: A refrigerant leak, frozen evaporator coil, faulty sensor, drainage issue, or dirt on coils or filters can prevent the system from providing cool air.
  • Unusual Symptoms: If you see any kind of leak or condensation, call us right away. Other causes for concern include when your AC breaks down in extreme heat, it is tripping the breaker or dimming the lights, or causing a burning odor. Noise, such as shrieking, screeching, or squealing or buzzing, rattling, clicking, hissing, or bubbling, should be addressed immediately as well.
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When Is AC Repair Not Enough?

Our goal is always to repair the AC unit you currently have. But if you have a unit that is 15 or 20 years old and needs major repairs, it’s probably near the end of its life span and should be replaced. If you need multiple repairs in a short time, this is very frustrating and expensive. Chances are your system is not as efficient as it could be. Replacing it may be a more efficient and affordable solution over the long run. Trust the experts at Village to assess your AC issues and help you determine if a repair or replacement is needed!

Why Trust Village Plumbing & Air?

Our company is available 24/7 to provide air conditioner repair in Houston and surrounding communities. We always have a technician on call who is equipped to identify the problem and fix it quickly. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. As a member of our Village Partner Plan, you’ll get a reduced emergency fee and save up to 10% on all our services. You’ll also get biannual AC and furnace tune-ups that can prevent the need for emergency services and big repairs. When you need 24-hour services, call us immediately at 713-526-1491.

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