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How to Avoid an Emergency Plumbing Repair This Thanksgiving

The holidays are finally upon us and that means gathering around the table with family and friends to feast. In between meal planning, grocery shopping, and top-to-bottom house cleaning, your plumbing is likely the last thing on your mind. But if there is one thing that could put a damper on a picture-perfect Thanksgiving meal it’s an emergency plumbing situation. 

Tips to Avoid an Emergency Plumbing Repair At Your Thanksgiving

With most households expecting to have houseguests over to visit, you don’t want to get stuck needing a plumbing repair this Thanksgiving. There are preventative plumbing decisions you can put into action to ensure that your drains, sinks, and toilets don’t erupt at the most inopportune time.  

1. Leftovers Should Go In the Trash, Not Down the Drain

While your garbage disposal is absolutely capable of handling the brunt of a single-family dinner, Thanksgiving is another story. When clearing the dining room table after your meal, opt to throw away scraps in the trash can and not down the drain. It isn’t as if you won’t be making several trips to the curb to take out the trash anyhow. Give your garbage disposal a break. Advise guests that you’d prefer they throw away uneaten food in the trash. That is especially the case for any bones, potatoes, carrots, and anything greasy. 

2. Make Sure You Have a Sink Strainer in the Bathrooms and Kitchen

Keep your drains and pipes free of clogs. With a house full of people, your drains can become overburdened. Install a simple sink strainer in the kitchen to catch any lingering food particles. In the bathrooms, your sink strainer will catch hair and keep it from potentially clogging your drains while your houseguests are in town. 

3. Ask Guests to Wait 15 Minutes in Between Showers

Unless you have a tankless water heater that allows you to continually run the hot water as long as you’d like, it may be a good idea to suggest that your houseguests wait at least 15 minutes in between showers. Not only will it ensure that everyone in your family and group has access to hot water during their stay, but it gives your water heater a breather and time to recover.

4. Post a “Toilet Paper Only” Sign

 It may sound a little hyper-vigilant but the last thing you want during Thanksgiving is an overflowing and clogged toilet. Create a little sign and simply place it above the toilet or on the countertop so your guests know NOT to flush baby wipes, feminine products, makeup pads, or paper towels down the toilet. 

5. Clean Your Drains Before Thanksgiving

Instead of waiting until an emergency plumbing situation occurs, it may be wise to have your drains cleaned before Thanksgiving. Contact a licensed plumber to inspect your drains and pipes before the dinner rush of the holidays ensue. 

Pro Tip: Thanksgiving is not the time to attempt to handle an emergency plumbing problem on your own. Be proactive and diagnose or fix any plumbing problems ahead of the holidays. Don’t hesitate to contact a local plumber in your area that has the knowledge, tools, and skills to handle any and all plumbing issues before they become emergencies. 

Contact the Professionals at Village Plumbing

Whether you need preventative plumbing services before Thanksgiving and the holidays, or you’re faced with a severely clogged drain and need emergency plumbing services, the pro plumbers at Village Plumbing can help! Contact one of our customer service representatives today: 713-678-0483

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