Heating Maintenance Houston, TX

Top rated for air conditioner service in Houston, TX, Village Plumbing & Air makes sure your new A/C provides years of reliable, trouble-free cooling.

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Heating Maintenance Houston, TX

Village Plumbing & Air offers complete maintenance services to ensure your heating system is working, safe, and free of any repair issues.

Heater and Furnace Maintenance in Houston, TX

In Houston, our customers may use their heater for just a few short months. However, we recommend servicing your furnace or heat pump at least twice a year. Our licensed technicians check for every common problem and can make minor repairs as needed to ensure your system is protected against more severe issues. We also provide tune-ups to make sure it is working as designed, safe to use, and energy efficient.

What We Do During Heating Maintenance

Gas furnaces are carefully inspected; burners, controls, and other components are cleaned. We lubricate parts when necessary and check for combustion leaks that can cause carbon monoxide exposure. Safety shutoff response is tested and our team uses specialized equipment to check for gas leaks and how the flue is working.

For electric furnaces, we inspect fuses and overloads, clean and adjust controls, and test the supply voltage. Heating elements are examined as is amperage draw. It’s not uncommon for electrical wiring to corrode or become damaged, or for connections to loosen. Our technicians thoroughly check for these issues and make any adjustments or repairs needed to ensure your electric furnace isn’t a safety hazard.

Heat pumps are convenient and efficient, but there are issues we need to look for. During a maintenance call, we’ll check the defrost cycle and how the reversing valve is working. After all, you want your heat pump to be functional during every season. We check for oil/refrigerant leaks and for electrical connection and safety device problems. Coil temperature is tested to further assess the condition of the unit and take any corrective actions needed.

Signs You Need Heating Maintenance/Repair

At Village Plumbing & Air, we create a maintenance schedule and provide service reminders so you know when to expect a maintenance visit. But give us a call whenever you notice issues such as cold spots in your home, unusual noise or odors from your heater, or increased dust or other changes in indoor air quality. If your furnace is always running or short cycling, the pilot light isn’t blue, or you frequently need to adjust the thermostat, call us as soon as possible.

Set Your Maintenance Appointment

We manage initial scheduling when you purchase a system or when our technicians complete your last maintenance visit. You always have the option to reschedule by calling our customer service representatives. Your membership to our Village Partner Plan can be renewed by phone as well. Our plan ensures you receive regular maintenance during the year and gives you up to a 10% discount on all services, including repairs, while emergency fees are reduced as well.


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Our Houston heating maintenance professionals are always ready to take care of your furnace or heat pump. A furnace or heat pump issue can happen at any time. Let us handle regular checks and adjustments to reduce the risk of heating system failure, improve your comfort and safety, and prolong the life of equipment. To get started, call 713-526-1491 today!