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Can Emergency Heating and AC Repair Save Christmas?

Furnaces and air conditioners are hard-working appliances. Although complex, they rarely fail or become safety hazards when properly maintained. But you never want to ignore an issue. It can lead to a fire or carbon monoxide leak, and at the very least end up causing an AC/furnace breakdown on Christmas. No one wants that to happen. However, you can avoid an HVAC emergency in Houston by scheduling heating and cooling repairs ahead of time.

Do HVAC Companies Provide Emergency Repairs During the Holidays?

It’s never ideal to have your furnace break down in the middle of winter. If you have family members and other guests staying with you, it will be inconvenient for them as well. 

Fortunately, most HVAC companies continue to provide emergency services during the holidays. They do it all year long. An immediate response is necessary to address safety hazards, the cold being one of them, but HVAC contractors tend to be busy during the holiday season—when clients need them the most. That means requesting emergency AC repair can mean waiting a bit for help when you’ve already procrastinated.

What to Expect with Emergency Heating and AC Repair

For most services involving your HVAC system, you can schedule an appointment in Houston. But when an unexpected breakdown or potentially dangerous issue arises, the company’s response is different from a regular service call. When you call during an emergency, you can expect:

  • 24/7 Service: No matter what time of the day you call, including midnight, the company will send an AC or furnace technician to your home. It can be Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, or New Year’s Eve.
  • Fast Response Times: Most contractors have an emergency service team standing by to help. This enables them to assist as many clients as possible. During the busy holiday season, having a team ready helps manage challenging spikes in demand.
  • A Costly Repair Bill: An emergency repair will cost more than a scheduled service call. But the benefits include resolving a dangerous issue such as a carbon monoxide leak or near-freezing temperatures inside your home. Regular inspections and maintenance can avoid paying high emergency heating and AC repair bills.

When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

The most obvious reason to call for emergency heating repair is if your home isn’t warm. If your furnace is running but your house is cold, turn the furnace off and call a licensed professional. Other reasons to call an emergency heating contractor on Christmas include:

  • Furnace Noise: If your furnace is suddenly rumbling very loud after a cycle ends, fuel is still burning within it. You are in immediate danger of a fire. Grinding is less serious but often means the motor isn’t well-lubricated, which can lead to a host of problems if not dealt with quickly. Other sounds to watch out for include thumping, popping, and clanking.
  • Unusual Odors: The occasional burning smell isn’t a cause for concern. If a rotten egg odor starts wafting through your home, overshadowing the pleasant smell of roasting turkey, there is a gas leak (immediately turn off the furnace, open your windows, and call an emergency heating repair technician). A chemical or acidic smell is also a sign of an emergency.
  • Overheating: Most furnaces are designed to automatically turn off if they overheat. But the sensor or switch that does this can fail. Once the appliance overheats, it can start a fire and cause extensive damage. The underlying problem is usually easy to fix but it must be done so ASAP.

When to Call for Emergency AC Repair

In Houston, there may be times during the cooling season you turn on the AC. Your HVAC system should always respond and keep your home as comfortable as possible. It’s time to call a technician for prompt air conditioning repair if:

  • The AC Stops Working: If the AC is on and your home isn’t at a reasonably cool temperature, it probably needs to be repaired. If it won’t turn on, check the thermostat and circuit breaker. But if the unit is powered and the temperature setting on the thermostat is lower than the ambient temperature, and it still won’t respond, request emergency AC service with your local contractor.
  • There’s an Electrical Malfunction: If the AC constantly trips the circuit breaker, causes the lights in your home to dim, or emits a burning electrical smell, call immediately for emergency repair service. Only a trained technician has the knowledge and experience to find the problem and safely fix it. An electrical issue with your AC can quickly turn into more extensive electrical damage, a blackout, or a fire.
  • Moisture or Water Damage Occurs: If the condensate drain clogs and the drain pan overflows, water can damage AC components and lead to mold. It can attract pests as well. Excess moisture can mean the AC isn’t working properly or ice may be forming on the coils. Waiting to address the problem can lead to more costly repairs or having to replace the system.

Contact Village Plumbing for Emergency Heating and Cooling Repair

We provide emergency furnace and air conditioning repair in Houston and surrounding areas. If you find yourself with a furnace breakdown this holiday season, you can call us on Christmas and we’ll send our professional plumbers to your home, day or night. Our team can deal with any type of HVAC emergency. If you need heating or AC repair right away, call 713-678-0483 or request service online.

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