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Houston Air Conditioning Repair

The Texas heat can be taxing on A/C units and when they start to break down, it isn’t a problem you can just sweat out. Request service now and we’ll send one of our licensed technicians out to your property as soon as possible.

Maintaining your
Air Conditioner

Things break, but that doesn’t mean they can’t always be fixed! Our technicians are experts at diagnosing any issue your A/C may be experiencing, and their trucks stay stocked with necessary parts to help ensure they can make the fix as quickly as possible because sometimes cool air isn’t something that can wait!

AC Unit Replacement

Maintaining your Air Conditioner

Dealing with a clogged drain, leak, or simply looking to upgrade your current equipment? You’ve come to the right place. We boast over 72 years of experience, and a pool of over 50,000 customers served. We also have a strong commitment to properly training each of our technicians, meaning every technician driving our trucks is a licensed professional.

Have you Changed your Filters?

The average A/C system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, at which point the cost of repairs necessary to keep it running can outweigh the cost of simply replacing it. Village Plumbing & Air makes this process as easy as possible, walking you through every step of the process. From finding the right system for your home to installation, we’ve got you covered.

Change your Air Filters

Have you Changed your Air Filters?

Dealing with a funky sounding AC unit or an unusually warm house? Let us help diagnose and repair your AC system. We’ll have your home cool and comfortable in no time.

What are the components of an Air Conditioning (or HVAC) system?


A condenser is the equipment people most recognize as their air conditioner. It’s the large box-like unit located on the outside of your home somewhere.


There are evaporator coils (in your attic unit) and condenser coils (on your outdoor equipment) they are both essential to the function of your HVAC system and it’s good to always keep them clean. Did you know dust & dirt is the #1 killer of HVAC systems?

Air Handler or Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system, and is sometimes part of the air handler. The air handler connects to your duct system and can contain filters as well as heating and cooling elements.

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