Insulation Removal in Houston

Do You Need To Have Old Insulation Removed?

If your insulation has been damaged by fire, water or heavily infested by rodents, it’s imperative to both your health and your electricity bill that you remove and replace it ASAP. Especially in older homes, insulation is often made out of dangerous materials like fiberglass or asbestos. These materials can be extremely dangerous to handle without the proper equipment, care, and experience.

Dangers of Insulation Removal

In some cases, the removal of pest-infested insulation can kick up dust and fecal matter carrying potentially fatal diseases. The most obvious danger to insulation removal is that it’s very easy to lose your footing, potentially putting a hole right through your ceiling!

Instances in which you would need to remove insulation may not be as rare as you would think. Aside from the various ways in which insulation can become damaged and ineffective, sometimes your house can actually possess too much insulation. This may sound like a good thing, but an overabundance of insulation causes problems with airflow and ventilation, making it so that your air conditioner actually has to work harder!

Insulation Removal

If your home feels like it has poor circulation, trouble staying whatever temperature your air conditioner is set at, or if you notice your indoor air quality is taking a dip, you may need to turn towards your insulation as a potential culprit.

It’s imperative that you allow this job to be done by professionally trained specialists, and our technicians at Village are highly skilled in all aspects of home insulation. Fiberglass rolls in the attic are removed by hand, packed in special bags, sealed and carefully removed from your home with zero risks to you and your family.

If the attic has blown material, a large vacuum is used to remove all of the insulation. The vacuum is placed outside the home and creates negative air pressure, ensuring a clean and efficient job with little to no dust or debris entering the home. Any and all debris is hauled away, and once the damaged insulation is removed safely, we can also get you right back on track with our insulation installation services.

Call Village Plumbing & Home Services today. We can take care of all your insulation needs and help you live more comfortably while enjoying significant savings on your energy bills.