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Broken appliance? Don’t panic—request service and we’ll have a tech out to your property as soon as possible.


Broken appliance? Don’t panic—request service and we’ll have a tech out to your property as soon as possible.
Is your appliance under warranty?
Check the label on your unit. Village Plumbing & Air can repair most brands as long as they’re no longer under warranty. If you’re unsure, you can always check the manufacturer’s website.
Houston Appliance Repair
As with most home goods, appliances are bound to falter from time to time. However, there are a few useful tips that can help you extend the life of your appliances. Read below and learn how to keep your top 5 household appliances up and running.
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Air Conditioning Repair

Living in the Texas heat is manageable if your home is cool. But extreme heat can strain A/C units until component failure causes serious trouble. When this happens or your unit breaks down, we’ll quickly dispatch technicians to your home. We have crews on-call 24/7 who are trained and equipped to diagnose the underlying cause and make any type of repair on any make, model, or brand of air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Repair

Replacing your A/C can be a more cost-effective option over the long run. It can avoid repeated repair visits while a new unit typically operates more efficiently. You can trust our team to properly size your air conditioning system based on a full evaluation of your home.

We also offer a range of options; being a Lennox Premier dealer lets us install high-quality systems and provide repair and replacement services within warranty (non-warrantied systems are fixed as well). A 10-year manufacturer parts warranty is included with A/C replacement. And if your budget is tight, we offer fast and easy financing with 0% interest or $0 payment during the promotional period.

Houston Refrigerator Repair

Physical placement: Most homes have a specific nook or corner for you to place your refrigerator, but it’s worth giving a little bit of extra thought to where you put it in your kitchen. Avoiding major sources of heat is a key factor when choosing where you put your fridge. The hotter it is around your fridge, the harder its motor has to work to keep your food cool. This puts extra stress on your fridge’s compressor and motor and could cause them to fail much sooner.
Don’t use the top as a storage shelf: It may be tempting to use the top of your fridge as a place to put boxes, pots, pans, or other various items, but doing so can actually reduce the length of your refrigerator’s lifespan.
It’s widely known that hot air rises and cool air falls, and as your fridge continuously cools, the warm air inside often dissipates from the top. By using the roof as a storage space, you’re actually giving your fridge insulation to keep that warm air inside, which in turn causes the motor to have to work extra hard to cool that air that normally would’ve escaped the unit.
Keep your fridge properly stocked: You’ll have to try to keep your fridge well-stocked, but don’t over-do it. Having a fridge that is too full will prevent necessary circulation, but attempting to cool an empty fridge will be much more difficult for your system because it takes a significantly larger amount of work to cool down that empty space (your food products retain temperature much more effectively).
Vacuum the coils on the back of the fridge: Cooling coils on the back of your fridge are easy enough to spot, and to keep your fridge working efficiently you need to maintain them well. Over time the rear-coils will collect dust and dirt, which is easily fixed by vacuuming and wiping them down with a brush. How often you should do this varies, but once a month is a good rule of thumb, and cleaning the coils takes less than a few minutes!
Keep the door gaskets clean: These are simply the rubber strips that run along the edge of the refrigerator door to create a seal when you close them. Food, drink, dirt, and dust will inevitably collect inside the gaskets and comprise the integrity of the seal. Give them a good cleaning periodically to prevent cool air from escaping your fridge.
Perform routine maintenance: Keeping your refrigerator routinely maintained can help you catch minor issues before they snowball into a larger (sometimes permanent) breakdown.
Houston Dishwasher Repair
Rinse those dishes thoroughly: Taking a bit of extra time to make sure each dish goes into the dishwasher rinsed and food free greatly improves the lifespan of your dishwasher. It helps to prevent the amount of strain put of the washer’s filter, which leads to tip number two.
Regularly check your dishwasher’s filter: Each dishwasher is different, some more recent models even have a feature that cleans its filter autonomously. It’s always a good idea to check your dishwasher manual to see if it recommends regular filter maintenance. Some models recommend you clean the filter once a week even. If you don’t have your dishwasher’s manual, you can simply search its brand and model to find that information online!
Make sure your water is the right temperature: Going back to the manual, most models have an optimal temperature range to ensure your dishes are being cleaned properly, but also to make sure none of the dishwasher’s components are damaged in the process. The manual (or digital manual found online) can give you all the information you need to find and set the water temperature of your unit.
Perform routine maintenance: Simple acts like cleaning out your dishwasher’s filter can go a long way to increase its longevity. If that task sounds intimidatingly complicated, that’s exactly what Village Plumbing & Air is for! Our expert appliance technicians can answer each of your questions to help you understand how to properly maintain your machine, and we can even provide that maintenance for you through our tune-ups that look for major issues before they even occur!
Houston Oven/Range Repair
Clean, Clean, Clean: Keeping a tidy oven/range is the biggest key to extending its life and effectiveness. Keep your range burners clean after each use to avoid burning any food that may collect near the burners. Remove any food waste from inside the oven to keep it from burning up upon the next use. Keeping your oven/range clean leads directly into tip #2…
Do NOT use the self-cleaning function on your oven: You may be tempted to use the self-clean capabilities on your oven, but don’t be fooled. Most models simply heat to an extremely high temperature in order to burn off any residual food items inside. This can actually cause an unnecessary strain on your oven’s heating element and on the glass door (potentially creating microscopic fissures leading up to an eventual break!). It may seem like extra work, but you can find plenty of cleaning solutions that are safe to use in your oven (and even a few home-remedies online) to loosen up some of the baked-in food and allow you to scrub it out. Your oven will thank you for it too!
Perform routine maintenance: Once again, the best way to fix an appliance problem is to never let it happen in the first place! Schedule a Village Plumbing & Air appliance tech to run a tune-up on each of your home appliances and let you know of any problems or maintenance tips you might not be aware of! Call us today!
Houston Clothes Washer Repair
Don’t overdo it: When you put laundry day off a few days in a row, it’s tempting to load your washer to the brim in order to lessen the number of loads you have to run. You might even think you could be doing you washer a favor by cutting down on the number of cycles it runs, but you’re actually running the risk of overloading it which causes much more harm than a few extra loads. As a general rule, even large loads of laundry should weigh in at less than 75% of the washer’s capacity. If you have a traditional top-loading washer, you shouldn’t load the clothes higher than the central agitator. Try to avoid pressing your clothes down to fit more inside.
Load your washer evenly: This tip mostly applies to top-loading washing machines, because front-loading models will naturally toss your clothes evenly. For top-loaders, you have to make sure that you evenly distribute your clothes around the agitator. That will help the basket to spin smoothly with evenly distributed momentum. If your washer begins rocking back and forth or making loud banging noises, you need to immediately redistribute your laundry or remove some of the clothes as your machine may be loaded beyond its capacity. Letting it continue to run its cycle can cause major harm to a multitude of your washer’s components.
Make sure your washer is level: Your washing machine should be firmly planted on even ground. If that isn’t possible where your connections are, you can try placing a book or piece of wood underneath the corner of your washer that isn’t quite resting on the ground. Similar to loading your washer evenly, this helps prevent quite literal wear and tear on your machine and reduces strain, bangs, and bumps. Use less detergent: It may be tempting to use more detergent to make sure your clothes are “extra clean,” but taking a “less is more” philosophy to your laundry routine can go a long way. Using too much detergent can cause a soap scum build-up in older models and cause your washer to have to run an extra rinse cycle in newer machines. Using the appropriate amount of detergent will yield cleaner clothes and a healthier machine.
Perform routine maintenance: You probably guessed it by now, but call a Village Plumbing & Air technician to run a tune-up on your washing machine (and other appliances)! We can help prevent breakdowns before they ever become a problem, as well as inform you about the specifics of maintaining your machines yourself throughout the year! Schedule an appliance tune-up today!
Houston Clothes Dryer Repair
Always remove lint from the lint trap after each use: As your dryer tumble dries your clothing, those articles begin to shed some of their fibers (aka lint). This lint is automatically caught up in the lint trap of your dryer. This is located in different spots on your machine depending on your specific model, but most commonly it is found right when you open the dryer door on the bottom of the doorway. The lint trap keeps all of that material from clogging the air vents, allowing your dryer to rid itself of the humid air coming off your clothes.
Neglecting the lint trap puts an unnecessary strain on your dryer and will trick it into thinking it needs to heat itself even more than normal. What’s worse is that this actually poses a fire hazard as that lint can be extremely flammable when it dries. Cleaning the lint trap improves your dryer’s lifespan, brings down your energy bill, and even helps your clothes to dry faster!
Clean the exhaust duct on the back of your machine: Sometimes that lint makes it past your lint trap and can begin to accumulate in the exhaust ducts. If your dryer has started taking multiple cycles to finish drying your clothes entirely, this is the first place to check. It’s recommended you clean the exhaust duct at least once a year and check it periodically on top of that!
Use metal ducts: If the tubes behind your dryer that connect it to the wall are made of plastic or foil, you may want to think about replacing them with metal tubes instead. Foil and plastic ducts can slouch because they’re so flexible, but this causes a dip in the tube that can collect a hefty amount of, you guessed it, lint. Metal tubes can be placed in such a way that those dips never form, keeping your dryer’s airways clear and preventing the wealth of symptoms we’ve previously described.
Perform routine maintenance: Regularly performing maintenance on your dryer can help extend its life. You can call a Village technician to perform a tune-up on each of your appliances to help catch issues before they become a more serious problem! It’s always easier to fix a problem BEFORE it causes a major breakdown, so give us a call today!




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