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HVAC and Plumbing Services Company in Atascocita, TX

HVAC and Plumbing Services Company in Atascocita, TX

Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Heating Company in Atascocita, TX

Atascocita is located on Lake Houston and is known for its parks, golf courses, and country clubs. Many people choose to retire here and enjoy boating and fishing on the lake. Despite the area’s beauty, there are times of the year when residents rely on their A/C to stay cool. No matter what, you never want to be without heating or air conditioning, but Village Plumbing & Air is trusted to help ensure your HVAC equipment and plumbing system is reliable, efficient, and safe.


Why Village Plumbing & Air

The function and reliability of your A/C, heating, and plumbing is ensured by our award-winning service. Your comfort and safety are our highest priorities, but we’re also committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied every time. We’ve been in business since 1946. We’re experienced contractors who get the job done right. Our work is covered by competitive parts and labor warranties and we also help you save via our Village Partner Plan, coupons, and specials as well as unbeatable financing.

Air Conditioning Services

The heat and humidity in Atascocita last for several months. Our high-quality air conditioning services in Houston ensure the needs of our customers here are met. The A/C keeps you cool and controls indoor humidity and air quality. But problems can happen; and when they do, you can rely on Village Plumbing & Air for:

  • A/C Repair: We employ highly trained A/C repair technicians who can fix any problem, big or small. Whether your air conditioner breaks down or blows hot air, leaks, or makes noise, we can diagnose the underlying problem and resolve it, fast.
  • A/C Replacement: When your A/C reaches the end of its life, we’ll choose a properly sized system, remove the old unit, and install a new, high-efficiency system. Convenient financing options are available to help afford the best system possible.
  • A/C Maintenance: We can help reduce the chances of needing major repairs as well as improve equipment efficiency and longevity by providing inspections, minor fixes, and tune-ups so you stay comfortable all year long.

Heating Services

When cooler temperatures arrive, you want to be ready. Cold spells can hit suddenly in winter and you can spend the night shivering if your heater breaks down. We’ll work on your furnace prior to the heating season so it will run reliably without any safety issues. Village Plumbing & Air is trusted for the following heating services in the Houston area:

  • Furnace Repair: Furnaces work hard to keep you warm so wear and tear, corrosion, and strain can cause problems. Call us if you have no heat, uneven heating, a furnace leak, noise, or a gaseous odor. Serious issues like fire and carbon monoxide can result.
  • Furnace Replacement: If you have a furnace that’s around 20 years old, you can benefit from a new one that is more energy efficient. When installing furnaces, we make sure they’re properly sized and all connections are updated and secure.
  • Furnace Maintenance: Members of our maintenance plan receive two furnace inspections per year. We check for any developing issues and provide tune-ups, so that your heating system can safely deliver the performance you expect of it.

Plumbing Services

Your plumbing system delivers all the water you use in your Atascocita home and drains it. Even the smallest of problems can have serious consequences. A leak can waste a lot of water and cause property damage, mold, and pest infestations. Our plumbing technicians can take on any project, including anything that involves:

  • Drain Cleaning: A slow drain can mean there’s a localized blockage or a sewer line problem. Whatever the cause is, we can find and fix it. Our Houston, TX, plumbers can thoroughly inspect plumbing lines and use hi-tech equipment to eliminate all types of clogs.
  • Sewer Repair: Blocked sewer lines, collapsed pipes, and tree root intrusion can be fixed using the latest technologies. Oftentimes, we can repair sewer lines without digging, and replace pipe that way too, so that your sewer line lasts for many more decades.
  • Hot Water Heaters: You can trust our Atascocita plumbers for emergency hot water heater service if your heater won’t ignite or has a damaged tank. High efficiency models are available and we’re here to help find the right one for your home.
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Customers in Atascocita can rely on our emergency plumbing contractors and HVAC technicians to help with any problem they’re having. Our Houston air conditioning repair crews are fully stocked and can fix any issue on the spot. Whether you need plumbing/HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance help or are remodeling, you’ll receive superior service. We also offer many opportunities to save, from coupons to low-interest financing. Call 713-526-1491 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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A condenser is the equipment people most recognize as their air conditioner. It’s the large box-like unit located on the outside of your home somewhere.


There are evaporator coils (in your attic unit) and condenser coils (on your outdoor equipment) they are both essential to the function of your HVAC system and it’s good to always keep them clean. Did you know dust & dirt is the #1 killer of HVAC systems?

Air Handler or Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system, and is sometimes part of the air handler. The air handler connects to your duct system and can contain filters as well as heating and cooling elements.

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