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Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

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A Sump Pump Keeps The Water Where It Belongs Out Of Your Home

With heavy rains comes water… a lot of water! If you’ve never experienced water in your home, you’re lucky, but if you have, you know a headache. The extreme cost of replacing and repairing damaged machines, carpentry, and personal belongings. The cleanup that never seems to end, costing you even more precious time and money.

A sump pump is your best defense. These pumps are designed to move large amounts of water directly from your basement and into an area where it won’t cause harm. Often dumping the water into a municipal storm drain or a dry well.

They’re called Sump Pumps because they (as you can probably guess) pump water out of a collection basin called a “sump.” Typically your basement is designed to drain into a sump, and most basements come standard with a sump pump installed already.

It would be great if sump pumps never broke down, but that’s why we’re here for you. You never know when a sump pump may fail, it pays off to have it checked regularly so you always know you’ll have it in perfect condition when you need it most.

Houston Sump Pump Installation

At Village Plumbing & Home Services our plumbers are professionally trained, highly skilled specialists; who can do a complete sump pump inspection in no time. Plus, we repair all makes and models. So no matter what type of sump pump you have or who installed it we can handle all your sump pump service and repair needs.

Time to replace or upgrade your sump pump? Village carries a complete line from industry leaders. For the ultimate peace of mind, many homeowners choose a battery backup system. These systems work when the power doesn’t, giving you peace of mind. Rain, shine, or blackout you’ll have one less reason to worry. Call us today!