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Drain Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Drain Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Drain Cleaning Services in Houston, TX
Village Plumbing & Air has been helping Houston area homeowners with their plumbing needs since 1946. Clogged drains are pretty much inevitable for any home. When you can’t resolve the issue with a plunger or other simple remedy, our plumbing technicians can help. They use the latest technology to troubleshoot drain and sewer lines and fix the underlying issue quickly and properly.

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Our Houston plumbing technicians are trained in using the latest tools and techniques, and arrive equipped to handle any problem they find. Whether your sink refuses to drain, toilet overflows, or shower fills up, or you flush the toilet and another drain backs up, we’ve seen it all before. Clogged drains are so common because soap, grease, hair, detergent, oil, and cosmetic and hygienic products can collect and get stuck inside pipes. We employ safe and proven methods to clear them out; consumer drain cleaners, bleaches, and solvents often don’t work and can seriously damage pipes and other plumbing components.

Fortunately, our plumbers are prompt and work quickly, so they can have your plumbing system working normally again within hours, if not sooner. They have the equipment to unclog kitchen or bathroom sinks as well as toilets, bathtubs, and floor drains. Even if the problem is originating from the main sewer line, our professionals can fix it and stop water from backing up in your home. Village Plumbing can resolve the most stubborn of clogs.

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We’re known for a wide range of plumbing services in Houston, but drain cleaning is among the jobs we’re called on for most often. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included with each service call. If it doesn’t yield the results you expect or resolve the problem, we won’t charge for the next diagnostic. Financing is available as well to help you budget for much-needed drain cleaning. Woman owned, our business is ready to serve you with integrity, honesty, and accountability. To request drain or sewer cleaning service in the Houston area, request a visit online or call 713-526-1491 today.

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Seeing the problem causing a clogged drain line helps us determine how to proceed. We use the latest video camera inspection technology to evaluate your drain and sewer lines. A fiber optic camera attached to a flexible cable is inserted into a pipe. We see drain and pipe interiors on a video monitor, so problems deep within your plumbing can be found without any digging or demolition.
High-tech snake systems can be used to remove clogs mechanically. If possible, we can use hydro jetting that forces blockages free and through the pipe system with high pressure water. In the worst of cases, we can replace sections of your sewer line affected by tree roots causing minimal disruption to your routine. We can also access clogs via the sewer cleanout, which can avoid working inside your home altogether.
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