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IAQ What You Need To Know

IAQ What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know About Indoor Air Pollution
We have all heard news reports about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), a serious problem that is affecting the health of many people, including young children. At Village, we feel it is important for know about IAQ so you can determine whether or not it may be a problem in your home.
What Is Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is a lack of good quality air inside your home. That means that the air in your home has more chemicals and irritants in it than is healthy to breathe.

Many people believe that there can only be air pollution outdoors. The air pollution indoors can be ten times worse. This is because your indoor space is closed in and smaller and cannot make chemicals and other harmful materials dissipate into the air as well as wide-open outdoor spaces.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Many things including pets, emissions from gas stoves, molds and paints can cause bad air quality. Tobacco smoke, wood or coal burning and wet carpets can also lead to bad air. All of these things can be made worse by lack of adequate ventilation. Proper ventilation brings air from outside to recycle the air inside, which helps lower indoor air pollution. Poor ventilation is often the cause of indoor air pollution.

To find out if you need to improve the ventilation in your home, schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified technicians for an indoor air analysis. From there we can tell you the best next step to having a healthier indoor environment.

We’re always here to help with any questions you might have about your indoor air quality.

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