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Benefits of a Yearly Furnace Inspection

signs your furnace needs repair

Furnace maintenance isn’t the most exciting activity to fit into your busy schedule. But it can save time waiting for an emergency technician and avoid high repair costs. Damage can occur due to normal wear and tear. Just as you schedule routine oil changes for your car or annual medical checkups, regular maintenance can help optimize the health of your furnace. We’ll discuss the benefits of annual inspections and also cover some signs your furnace needs repair.

When to Get Your Furnace Inspected

The consensus is a furnace should usually be checked once a year. But there are some differences of opinion. In some cases, a brand-new model can be inspected every other year. The older a furnace gets, the more service it will need. Some contractors recommend annual service for aging units, while others advise spring and fall furnace tune-ups. 

Why Schedule Routine Inspections

Furnace inspections are recommended for many good reasons. They are not a strategy to keep HVAC technicians busy during the slower months. You’ll see tangible benefits by scheduling a professional inspection and tune-up, including:

Fewer Repairs

Maintenance cuts down on the number of repairs you will need. We clean the furnace, lubricate moving parts, and fix minor issues. If your heater isn’t regularly maintained, it can develop water leaks, release carbon monoxide, or work less efficiently, increasing your energy bills. You may even find your furnace blowing cold air. Maintenance can prevent these issues and avoid complete breakdowns and premature replacement.

A Longer Operating Life

Excessive wear and major repairs can shorten the life of a furnace. Yearly inspections include tests and adjustments that keep your furnace working in top shape. Technicians can also catch minor issues and resolve them before more damage occurs. A longer lifespan means you can get more out of the cost of the unit and delay paying to replace it. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

During an inspection, a contractor will replace the air filter and look for signs of contamination elsewhere. They can help reduce your home’s dust, allergens, and dander. Also, replace the air filter in your HVAC system every one to three months. Better indoor air quality can help you breathe easier and be more comfortable.  

You’ll Stay Warm

When cold air strikes Houston, it can have a strong bite because most of us aren’t used to it. A furnace breakdown will make matters even worse. By scheduling a furnace inspection in the fall, you’ll have time to get it repaired or choose a replacement before that first hard freeze. A functional heater will keep you warm regardless of the outside temperature.  

Improved Safety

A neglected furnace can leak carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Annual maintenance helps your furnace burn fuel more efficiently. Otherwise, issues with the combustion process can lead to gas leaks and fires. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it’s odorless and colorless, yet can cause sickness and death. A yearly inspection lets a technician find and fix any safety hazards.  

Keep the Warranty Valid

You can purchase warranties with up to 10 years of protection for some higher-quality furnaces. A manufacturer usually requires maintenance by qualified professionals. By neglecting annual service, you can void the warranty, disqualifying the needed repairs.  

Signs Your Furnace Needs a Repair

A furnace usually doesn’t need much care in between service calls. Changing the filter and cleaning the area around the unit is typically enough. But call a professional if you notice any of these issues:  

  • No hot air
  • Dusty air
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit
  • The pilot light is yellow
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Abnormal fuel/burning odors
  • The unit doesn’t start
  • Squealing, banging, or groaning sounds
  • The carbon monoxide detector goes off

Schedule a Furnace Inspection Today

At Village Plumbing and Air, our technicians can fix any problem but we strongly recommend regular furnace maintenance. It can avoid emergencies and ensure you stay warm all winter. To set up your appointment, call 713-526-1491 and speak with one of our representatives.  


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