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Hot Room, Cold Room – Tips For Achieving Even Temperature Throughout Your Home

In a typical house it’s not unusual for the temperature to vary several degrees from room to room. Attics, basements and additions usually have the greatest air temperature differences. When one room is uncomfortably hot or cold, here are several factors to consider.

Inadequate Attic and Exterior Wall Insulation

During Houston’s cold winter months and long, hot summers, proper insulation is a must. The recommended R-value for attics is 43, and an R-value of 21 is recommended for exterior walls.

Seal Air leaks Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

Proper weather sealing around windows and doors will eliminate drafts and energy loss.

Inadequate Air Delivery System

One of the most common problems we see in HVAC systems that are not heating or cooling well are air ducts that are not properly sized to deliver air throughout the home. To check for potential problems Village Plumbing & Home Services can perform an air delivery analysis to determine if air is reaching all areas of your home.

Air Duct Leaks

Sealing the gaps and joints in your air ducts will allow your furnace and air conditioner to work more efficiently and ensure all the air reaches all areas of your home.

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