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What Are Those Funny Furnace Noises I Keep Hearing?

If you have an older furnace, you may ask, “Why is my furnace popping?” or “Why does it seem louder than usual?” It’s not uncommon for an older unit to make more noise. Depending on what you hear, there may be no cause for concern. Other times, noise can mean you need furnace repair.

Newer furnaces are designed to operate with minimal noise. It’s not likely you’ll hear much from them. But with any furnace, you want to listen carefully for potential issues. These are some noises you may hear:


If your furnace is popping or pinging, you don’t usually need to be concerned. The noise is caused by the contraction of metal ducts as they cool off between heating cycles. But a furnace making a popping noise may also have a dirty burner. You should periodically check the burner and scrub it clean if necessary (when the furnace is off), or schedule furnace maintenance by a professional contractor in Houston, TX.


Booming noises can also be caused by the expansion and contraction of air ducts (particularly in a cool, unheated basement) or dirty burners. 


A damaged or failing blower motor may make a screeching sound. A worn bearing can as well. Whenever you hear screeching from your furnace, a breakdown may not be far off. Have a technician inspect the unit to find and fix the problem.


A high-pitched squeal is a sign of a worn-out blower belt. The belt may have become misaligned, or it may need to be lubricated during a tune-up. This issue is easy to address, but it shouldn’t be left alone because significant wear or damage can occur.


If your furnace is vibrating, it may have a loose component. A whirring sound along with vibrations can indicate the motor mount has come loose. Any loose parts must be tightened and inspected for damage, which you’ll need a furnace repair technician to do.


Metal parts in the furnace become hot while it is operating. When the unit turns off, these parts may make a crackling sound as they cool off. This is generally not something to worry about. But all parts should be checked regularly as part of routine furnace maintenance. Furnace wear is one of the main reasons to never skip that maintenance call.


A wheezing or whooshing noise can mean the furnace filter is dirty. Air is trying to force its way through. You can resolve this issue by replacing the filter. This will restore airflow and catch any particles suspended in treated air.

When to Call a Technician

If any sound from your furnace is accompanied by a lack of warm air, a blower turning on and off more frequently, or the smell of gas, call for help right away. At Village Plumbing and Air in Houston, we specialize in all types of furnace repair. Whether your furnace makes a popping sound or it starts to screech, vibrate, or squeal, our licensed technicians will take a look at it. We’re also here to provide furnace maintenance to ensure your unit is working properly.

To request help 24/7, contact us online, use our service request form, or call 713-526-1491.

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  1. Thanks for explaining how you shouldn’t neglect a strange whining sound from your furnace. I never knew this could be caused by a faulty component needing maintenance. I think my colleague can use this information to prepare his home for winter since he just move to this country earlier this year.

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