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Flush it or trash it?

Some of the most common culprits of drain stoppages include wipes, napkins and paper towels. These items are bulky and not all sewer systems can handle them. While napkins and paper towels may be break down over time, the bulkiness of these items may cause an immediate drain issue.

Non-biodegradable disinfecting wipes can get caught within your sewer line and will be stuck for years. A buildup of wipes is the perfect recipe for a sewage backup requiring professional cleaning.

What items do plumbers NOT recommend flushing, and instead throwing in the trash?

  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Baby Wipes
  • Flushable Wipes (even though they are flushable, they can still cause major issues)
  • Paper Towels
  • Napkins
  • Feminine Products
  • Towels / Washcloths
  • Diapers

If we shouldn’t flush a flushable wipe, what CAN be flushed? Toilet paper is the only product that should be put into the commode. Even still, if you’re up for it, plumbers ultimately recommend not flushing any paper products and instead using a washlet or a bidet if you have the room.

Washlets have become more affordable and popular in recent years, priced from $300 and up. Contact us for washlet options or if you have been flushing these items and need a licensed plumber to unclog your drain 713-526-1491.

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