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Cost of Energy-Efficient Tankless Water Heaters in Houston

A  tankless water heater in your  Houston home  can help you be  environmentally friendly, while lowering your  utility bill.

noritz tankless water heater When it comes to lowering utility expenses, most property owners consider changing their light bulbs and lamps into fixtures that are more energy efficient, installing better insulation to maintain indoor temperatures, and cutting back on the use of water when possible. When it comes to water heaters, only a few realize that they can significantly lower their energy consumption if they have the right system installed. As mentioned in an article published on the LandLord blog:

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heat is most known for being smaller and heating water only as needed. These water heater heaters are compact and can be mounted on the wall.
Standard tankless models use 45-60% less energy than minimum standards.
Increased efficiency rating.
Can be fueled by gas or electric.
Lifespan 20+ more.
Saves 25-30% annual costs each year.
Sustainable and environmentally responsible.
Best for homes that use less water
2-5 gallons produced per minute with gas delivering slightly higher rates.

While a water heating system is an investment, the savings that come from using a tankless water heater in Houston homes provide great value in the long term. Even when used on a daily basis, a tankless water heater can lower a household\’s water, electricity or gas consumption, and in effect, lower the utility bills. (As if it’s all about lower utility bills. That doesn’t hurt, but it’s just more comfortable to have a new, solidly working unit providing hot water when you need it, don’t you think?)

Because this type of heating system is a lot smaller than other types, upkeep is also easier, making professional water heater repair in Houston only necessary for preventive maintenance. Tankless water heating systems also prove to be less of an inconvenience, as setting it up is significantly simpler than setting up water heaters with tanks. From an environmental perspective, a tankless water heater utilizes less resources, greatly contributing to the reduced carbon imprint of the user in the long term.

While it may seem like a complex process to change from a water heater with a tank to one without, working with Village Plumbing & Home Services can make the transition easy. Certified professionals will be able to make recommendations as to which brand of water heating system will be best for your  home, based on their evaluation, given your  requirements and budget. Call us, and let’s talk about it 🙂

(Source: “27 Benefits and Savings of a Tankless Water Heater” The Landlord Blog)

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