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8 Signs You NEED Drain Cleaning Services

The performance of your drains is a clear indication of how your plumbing system is doing. So, the longer you wait to get a clogged drain fixed, the more damage it can do. Here are eight signs you need drain cleaning services now:

1. Slow Drainage

Does your sink fill up when you wash your hands or brush your teeth? It’s a sign that grease, soap, hair, or a foreign object has found its way into the drain or pipe. The drain should be cleaned immediately; if only one sink is affected, the blockage probably isn’t too deep. If multiple sink drains are slow, the blockage can be deeper in your plumbing or in the sewer line.

2. Standing Water

If water stays in your sink, shower, or washing machine, a drainage pipe is plugged up. It increases the risk of a backup and flood or damage to pipes. Standing water around a basement floor drain or water around the base of a toilet also warrants calling a plumber right away.

3. Frequent Clogs

Most people experience a clogged drain or fixture at one time or another. But if you’ve fixed a clog and a drain slows up again soon after, a more serious blockage may be present or there could be tree roots in your sewer line. Only the tools and equipment a plumber uses will resolve the issue.

4. Plumbing Backing Up

If a drain line is completely clogged, water may randomly back up in a bathroom fixture or in the laundry room. Delaying drain cleaning services now can result in a difficult and expensive repair job. Backed-up plumbing can also create an unsanitary and unhealthy situation.

5. Unbearable Odors

A waste, sewer gas, or other unpleasant smell is likely coming from a pipe or plumbing fixture. You can try running water in an unused sink; this can fill the P-trap so sewer gases don’t back up. If that doesn’t remedy the situation, get a professional to your home for a closer look.

6. Increased Water Bills

While a fluctuating water bill is no cause for concern, a dramatic increase can indicate a plumbing leak. It’s not always easy to find a leak. It can be behind a wall or underground. Look for stains, running water sounds, or low water pressure; in any case, call a plumber to find and fix the problem at its source.

7. Unexplainable Gurgling

After running the faucet or flushing the toilet, listen to your sink drain. If it’s making gurgling sounds, water may be pushing through tighter spaces in a clogged pipe. Seeing air bubbles in the toilet is another sign of a drainage problem, potentially in the sewer line. The pipes themselves may be draining slowly or a break in the pipe may be letting water flow into the soil.

8. Flies/Pests

When fruit flies appear and no amount of cleaning will get rid of them, they may be seeking food debris stuck in pipes. Insects aren’t the only warning signs. Small rodents may appear as well or may cause clogs as they travel through drainpipes. They usually get in through openings in pipes that only a skilled plumber can fix.

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Since 1946, Village Plumbing & Air has provided drain cleaning services and all types of pipe and fixture repair in Houston, TX. Our technicians are trained and equipped to clean and fix drains fast. Whether the problem originates from inside your home or the main sewer line, we can get your plumbing working again. Call 713-526-1491 to request the service you need now.

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  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how water may be pushing through tighter spaces in a clogged pipe if it’s making gurgling sounds. I was cleaning our bathroom yesterday and I heard something strange from the drain. It was quite worrying, so we should probably call a drain clearing expert.

  2. The water bills we’ve been getting lately have been really worrying to us with how high they are. If this is being caused by an unseen problem, I bet that we’re going to need some expert help to locate and fix it right away. I’ll do this by looking for a french drain repair expert right away so we can have that cleaned and repaired.

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