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10 Items to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is an extremely convenient appliance. It’s also one that should be used carefully. There are lots of items that can clog it up and cause problems. You can prevent your system from getting clogged, jammed, or damaged and avoid garbage disposal repair by avoiding these 10 items:

1.  Coffee Grounds

While coffee grounds can help your sink smell better, they’ll cause more problems than they’re worth. They are very fine, which allows them to pass right through the disposal. Coffee grounds also clump up when wet so can clog the unit. Toss them in the garbage or use them as compost to nourish your garden.

2. Oily and Greasy Substances

Never put grease or oil down your garbage disposal. That goes for butter as well. These products easily get past the disposal and congeal in piping, which can lead to a serious plumbing blockage. You’ve seen how hard it is to get grease off plates. Think about what it can do in your pipes.

3. Egg Shells

As innocent as they look, egg shells should always be put in the trash. They won’t sharpen the disposal’s impellers and the membrane in the shell can wrap around the impeller. This causes the unit to work harder which can blow out the motor. Also, egg shells can get stuck and sit in the drain, blocking anything else.

4. Rice, Pasta, and Other Starchy Foods

Pasta, rice, and mashed potatoes can turn into a thick paste when run through a garbage disposal. That can create a clog that is tough to clean out. Rice and pasta can expand in the drain and pipe as well. They’re hard enough to get out of a pan!

5. Bones and Shells

Bones will not only block the drain but can also seriously damage the disposal. Throwing bones and shells into it instead of the trash is one of the fastest ways to need garbage disposal repair. Avoid chicken bones, anything larger than small fish bones, and shells from shrimp, clams, mussels, lobsters, and other shellfish.

6. Stringy Items

Corn husks, celery, onion skins, banana peels, and other stringy foods can get wrapped around the impeller blades. This can jam the disposal and damage the motor.

7. Fruit Pits and Seeds

Their hardness makes fruit pits and seeds unsuited for a garbage disposal. Often smaller than the grinder can handle, these will just make a lot of noise as they’re propelled around the inside of the unit. It’s a better idea to just throw them in the trash.

8. Nuts/Oatmeal

Peanuts, cashews, and oatmeal create a sticky goo when mixed with water. This paste will quickly clog up the disposal and the drain pipe. Avoid throwing nutshells in too. They can instantly damage sensitive mechanical components.

9. Dirt, Rocks, or Gravel

Never wash garden tools in a kitchen sink or over the garbage disposal. Dirt will quickly clog up the system. Instead, rinse your tools with a hose outside. The gravel in your fish tank should be tossed in the garbage as well. Putting them or any rocks down the disposal is a recipe for a clog.

10. Household Garbage

A garbage disposal is not designed to handle everyday garbage. Never put napkins, tissues, or wet paper towels in it. Plastic will also cause serious clogging problems, so don’t use your disposal as a substitute for the trash can.

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