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Premier Lennox Dealer

We are proud to be a Lennox Premier dealer. Being a premier dealer allows us to perform warranty repairs and replacements on your Lennox system components that are still covered. We also provide repair services for non-warrantied systems. Any complete system replacement comes with a 10 year manufacturer parts warranty!  Give us a call if your air conditioner is not cooling as it should, or at all.

HVAC Replacement - Lennox Home Comfort System

Lennox HVAC Technology

Lennox® Precise Comfort™ Cooling technology creates more even temperatures with lower humidity, while also reducing energy costs. This technology, enabled by the icomfort Wi-Fi® thermostat, allows your cooling system to maintain your set temperature regardless of outside conditions by making minute adjustments to airflow and cooling. So, unlike conventional cooling systems, your air stays consistently comfortable, to within 0.5 degrees of your set temperature, without any hot and cold swings.

The Most Advanced HVAC Technologies Available

Air conditioners from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection can modify cooling based on the climate in your area. When paired with an iComfort® thermostat, these air conditioners adapt to your routine and adjust temperatures accordingly.

Lennox® cooling units with precise comfort technology mean extreme energy efficiency and perfectly comfortable air. You'll find precise comfort technology in the XC 25 air conditioner.

Here's how it works:

Standard air conditioners and heat pumps are either on or off, which means they have one speed, regardless of the conditions in your home. Two-stage air conditioners typically have a low speed for efficiency and a high-speed for comfort on hot days, rather than one or even two stages.

The XC 25 can adjust compressor speed and output to any level between 35 and 100-percent in increments of just 1%. Talk about custom comfort!

And while one or even two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps produce temperature swings as they cycle on and off, units with Precise Comfort® technology are different. During warm weather the XC 25 produces a continuous supply of perfectly cool air, maintaining your set temperature to within a half a degree.

Village Plumbing and Air is proud to be a Premier Houston Lennox Dealer. If you are having been searching for the best HVAC unit for your new home or need to replace your homes HVAC system, a Lennox HVAC system is the way to go, especially in the hot, humid climate that is Houston Texas.