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DIY Projects and Permits

Whether you’re  putting in a gas stove, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or replacing a gas water heater

MayVilPlumShwrm-0053We at Village Plumbing &  Home Services applaud you. But a recent  *article highlights these and other important DIY projects that may require a permit! And after you finish but have problems, you’ll be glad to know you’re covered by insurance, since you did get the right permit!

Have you heard of  emergency egress requirements for windows that must be  met in case first responders need to get in? Do you feel comfortable with the nuances of safely installing a gas range?  There are dangers involved.

Looking forward to doing major kitchen and bathroom renovations yourself? Keep in mind that  banks and home inspectors care about this too, when it comes time to appraise and resell your house!

The same thing is true when replacing a gas water heater.

Village  installs appliances and quality, energy efficient water heaters everyday, and safely (and of course legally). If you have questions about your project, give us a call first at  (713) 526-1491  for expert advice. And by all means, do it yourself if you want to. But it helps to have a great team standing behind you!

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