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Village Plumbing and Air has been serving the Houston area since 1946. Woman-owned and family-run, we emphasize integrity and honesty with every service call. Your satisfaction is our priority whether you need A/C, heating, appliance, or plumbing repair. When it comes to installation and maintenance you can count on our expertise and diligence. Our technicians are always on-time, thorough, and courteous, ensuring your home is neat and clean before they leave.

Air Conditioning


Our customers rely on their A/C for much of the year. Houston is known for its heat and humidity, which can take a toll on hard-working air conditioners. At Village Plumbing and Air, we’re prepared for anything, including:

    • A/C Repair: Call us when your A/C is blowing hot air, not blowing at all, is leaking, making noise, or there are strange odors coming from it. We’re equipped to fix frozen evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, and worn/damaged belts, motors, bearings, loose wiring, or faulty thermostats. The first step is to diagnose the problem; our technicians troubleshoot it fast and can fix any brand or type of air conditioner.
    • A/C Maintenance: Preventative maintenance can avoid having your A/C break down during a heat wave. Changing the filter is the most basic form of maintenance. It keeps the air flowing and your A/C efficient. We can clean the coils, lubricate moving parts, recharge refrigerant, clear out the condensate drain, and perform a tune-up to keep the system in top shape.
    • A/C Replacement: Replacing an air conditioner is no simple task. We can remove your old system and install one that’s properly sized and calibrated for your home. A Premier Lennox Dealer, we specialize in energy efficient A/Cs from Lennox. When thinking about replacement, consider factors such as the age of your existing unit, its efficiency, warranty, and what kind of problem you have.


Village Plumbing and Air also helps Houston homeowners prepare for freezing weather. To start, we ensure every furnace we install is properly sized. If it’s not, the unit won’t run efficiently or even heat your home enough. It can also wear out sooner and require expensive repairs. Fortunately, you can trust us for:

  • Furnace Maintenance and Repair: If indoor temperatures are inconsistent, no heat comes out of the vents, or you’re not getting enough heat, you may need furnace repair. Service is also required if it turns on and off frequently, the blower runs continuously, or the unit is noisier than usual. There are many issues we can fix quickly. Doing so not only restores your heat, but also your safety as furnace trouble can lead to a fire or even a release of carbon monoxide in your home. 


Even if your furnace worked fine the last time you used it, schedule annual maintenance if you haven’t already; we can calibrate the unit, make minor repairs, or tune it up to avoid performance, efficiency, and safety issues.


  • Furnace Replacement: While your old furnace may still be running, it may be costing you more money than you think. Older heating equipment uses more energy; plus, add the cost of repairs as well. A properly installed, high-efficiency furnace can recoup the cost of replacement over time. We’ll find the right furnace for your home based on a complete evaluation. All the while, we can address air quality issues, guarantee the system will work, and recommend/install efficiency improvements such as programmable thermostats.





We have a team of licensed plumbers who are prepared to address any issue across Houston. You use your plumbing every day. Mineral scale, corrosion, and issues related to sewer lines and old pipes are out of your control. A drainage problem can occur in your kitchen or bathroom without warning. When you need a plumber in Houston, you can count on Village Plumbing and Air to deal with:

  • Water Leaks: Let’s face it—leaks happen. They often start small and escalate over time. You might notice low water pressure, water stains on walls and ceilings, or hear water dripping or running when the tap isn’t on. Any leak, whether gradual or due to a burst pipe, can cause major damage. Call Village Plumbing and Air when you have a water leak and we’ll repair the issue at its source, so the damage can be minimized.

  • Drain and Sewer Clogs: Sometimes clogged drains can be easily fixed. When there’s a stubborn clog, you don’t know where the blockage is. Our technicians use advanced equipment to clear your drains and wastewater pipes. Video camera inspection lets us see exactly what’s clogging the line and where, while water jetting lets us force the clog through the system without performing big repairs. It also lets us clear out your sewer line if necessary.

  • Water Heaters: Hot water heaters are notoriously prone to wear. They need to be checked frequently for corrosion, which can occur inside the tank or affect inlet and outlet fittings. Water heaters must also be periodically flushed of sediment. Buildup can reduce efficiency, increase bills, and damage your appliance. Hard water minerals can cause problems as well. 


Village Partner Plans

A Maintenance Plan from Village Plumbing and Air has your HVAC and plumbing systems covered. Members save up to 10% on all services and pay a reduced emergency and holiday fee. The plan also includes one A/C and one furnace tune-up per year and an annual whole house plumbing inspection. We’ll even schedule service for you, but you can set an appointment or renew your membership with just a phone call.

Virtual Service Calls

Village Plumbing and Air offers a convenient option for non-emergency repairs. If you don’t need in-home service, request your appointment by filling out our online form, confirm your request when a representative calls, and meet with a licensed technician via FaceTime. You can discuss the issue in real time, upload video or pictures (can be sent with the request form too), and receive repair or replacement estimates via email.


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Village Plumbing and Air offers some of the best guarantees and warranties in the industry. Every service comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Equipment Size Guarantee, No Surprises Guarantee, and Customer Service Guarantee. Check for coupons to save, while 0% financing, no down payments, and no early payment penalties enable you to fit HVAC and plumbing service into your budget. Call 713-526-1491 for more information or to schedule service with Village Plumbing and Air today!


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