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The Top 5 Most Expensive HVAC & Plumbing Repairs

At one time or another, an HVAC or plumbing system will need repairs. Maintenance and quickly scheduling services for minor problems can avoid major work. That’s the best strategy because a major A/C or plumbing repair can be quite costly. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive of these repairs, which are best avoided whenever possible.


1. Compressor Failure

Most homeowners dread the day their A/C compressor stops working. Designed to move refrigerant through the HVAC system, it can be damaged due to overheating, which may occur if the coils are dirty. However, any strain on your air conditioning or heating system can lead to compressor failure. Replacing a compressor can cost on average up to $2,800, according to Home Advisor.

2. Attic/Crawlspace Ventilation Problem

Poor ventilation can cause heat and moisture to get trapped in remote areas of your home. Moisture can lead to mold and cause the plywood to decay. That means poor ventilation in your attic or crawlspace can eventually turn into structural issues. But you’ll notice the effects of moisture and mold long before then. Ventilating these spaces requires exhaust fans and vents. An attic fan costs up to $1,300 to install, often much less while fixing a water-damaged roof can cost $16,000 or more.

3. Bathroom Plumbing Mishap

A water-damaged bathroom may cost over $16,000 to repair or remodel; larger rooms can be $25,000 or more. Water is among the most destructive elements for your home. Yet, we use it every day and nowhere is water used more frequently than the bathroom. Water won’t only damage tub, toilet, and other materials over time, but also grout and caulking, so the damage may be occurring little by little. Sealing gaps in caulking, replacing missing grout, cleaning up mold, and fixing minor leaks can avoid major repairs down the road.

4. Septic System Failure

A septic system won’t last forever. Handling all that waste will take a toll, but you can extend the system’s life by having it emptied by a professional every two to three years and not flushing anything other than toilet paper. Septic tank cleaning costs a few hundred dollars. Repairs can cost several thousand dollars, while replacing the system, including the leach field, can run $20,000 or more.

 5. Poor Exterior Drainage 

Faulty gutters and downspouts, mounds of dirt and mulch near your home, and improper sloping can cause serious and expensive issues. Your yard should slope away from your home six inches every ten feet. Fixing water damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, a downspout may cost up to $300 and a storm drainage system around $1,500.5 Various other drainage solutions cost much less than having to repair damage due to water intrusion.

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