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Is It Wise to Hire a $50 Plumber?

Experiencing a plumbing emergency while on a budget can be a tough situation. Plumbers are notoriously expensive. But with that cost comes expertise and quality materials, not to mention nearly round-the-clock availability. So, is it a good idea to choose a $50 plumber you see advertised online?

According to HomeAdvisor, plumber’s rates go from $45 to $200 per hour as of 2022, with the average cost of hiring a plumber at about $330. It may not be hard to find a plumber that advertises cheaper rates. But cheaper service doesn’t usually equate to a job well done. What looks like a bargain will likely turn into:

“Band-Aid” Repairs

A skilled plumber should provide a permanent fix to the problem you’re facing. An unreasonably low price will probably equal a “Band-Aid” solution, which will only last for a short time. Once that solution fails, you’ll be dealing with the problem all over again, along with potential risks such as flooding, water damage, and mold. While you may look to spend less during an emergency, the only way to avoid it again is to spend more.

Repeated Callbacks

Hiring an inexperienced and/or poorly equipped contractor risks needing more than one visit to address the problem. There’s also a risk the $50 plumber you hired may not answer the call next time. This can be because they went out of business, simply don’t care about your problems, or were caught in the act (especially if they weren’t licensed or trained). When starting, check the owner’s, lead contractor’s, and every technician’s license. Licensed plumbers must complete a great deal of training and pass a test to ensure they’re capable of resolving serious issues in one call.

Cheap Results

What an unskilled plumber may call a repair may not be a repair at all. They will use cheap materials not suited for fixing the problem in the first place. There’s a sort of myth about a carpenter using a tennis ball to seal a toilet valve. While this may be extreme, it’s not unheard of for an inexperienced provider to use duct tape to fix plumbing or attach vise grips to use as replacement shower handles. These certainly aren’t solutions you want to accept as quality plumbing work.

Why Pay a Higher Price for a Plumber?

Choosing a $50 plumber will cause more trouble than it’s worth. Some of the reasons it’s worth paying the price are:

Quality Matters: A plumber who’s serious about quality won’t be cheap, and they know pricing in the business is competitive. They also won’t cut quality and risk their reputation to win business.

Constant Availability: Plumbers often advertise 24/7 availability, including nights, weekends, and holidays, because a problem can happen at any time. Price is often set by demand; not to mention a contractor’s willingness to adjust their schedule and call in off-hour workers.

Certification and Licensing: It takes a plumber years to learn their trade and receive training to become licensed. A plumber’s license requires passing a comprehensive exam. All these requirements come at a cost, which must be factored into pricing (another reason to avoid unrealistic bargains).

Risky Business: Plumbers must have medical insurance, as their job has one of the highest injury and illness rates. Risks include exposure to mold and chemicals. Liability insurance is a must-have as well, for both lead contractors and their crews.

The bottom line is; don’t hire a $50 plumber or anyone offering plumbing services at unrealistically low prices.

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