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Know When to Call a Plumber

Homeowners may not realize the complexity of their home’s plumbing system and knowing when to call a plumber can minimize future frustration and damage. Here are five reasons to call a plumber:

  1. Leaks. Whether you experience a water-all-over-the-floor disaster or a less apparent dark mark on the wall or ceiling, do what you can to stop the spread of water and call your plumber right away.
  2. No water. Household business stops when the water stops so you will need a trustworthy plumber who can respond quickly. Read online reviews to find a professional, certified plumber who has 24-hour service and keep the number handy.
  3. Insufficient hot water. If you’re always running out of hot water, you need to find out why your water heater is not performing. Water heaters can be tricky, so definitely call in a professional. Finding an issue early can sometimes mean a repair instead of a new installation.
  4. Basement flooding. If water is getting into your basement, call a plumber and ask about a sump pump system. This is an investment well worth the time and money, especially if your basement is finished or is used for storage.
  5. Water pressure problems. A sudden or gradual change in water pressure can signal a problem that is best fixed by a plumber. It can be tough to diagnose what is going on behind walls or underneath floors, so don’t wait to consult a professional.

Village Plumbing is a 24-hour plumber Houston homeowners can rely on for all the issues mentioned above and more. Contact us today.

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