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Are your systems making funky noises or not working as they should? Request service and get a licensed HVAC tech to your home right away.


Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Are your systems making funky noises or not working as they should? Request service and get a licensed HVAC tech to your home right away.

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Maintenance can prevent breakdowns. While we cannot promise you will avoid 100% of system issues if your unit is old, we can guarantee that a regularly maintained system will last longer than one that doesn’t receive any attention throughout it’s life.

Houston Furnace & Heating Service, Repair or Replacement.

Though furnaces in Houston get far less wear than AC systems, issues can arise over time. The telltale signs of common furnace issue include:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home
  • No heat is coming out of the vents
  • The furnace isn’t heating enough
  • Furnace is turning on and off repeatedly
  • Furnace blower runs continuously
  • Furnace is too noisy
  • You can feel pockets of cold air in different parts of your home

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You Never Really Think About Your Furnace . . . Until You Need It

A neglected furnace loses its efficiency each year it operates which costs you money. This neglect also leads to furnace breakdowns. Who needs the stress of no heat and an expensive repair bill?

Naturally, you’ll want to correct any problems before they become a costly emergency. The best way to keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency is to have Village Plumbing & Home Services perform an annual system tune-up and safety inspection.

Over 70 years of experience have taught us exactly what to look for on any make, model, or home. Our expert technicians know where to look for future issues, whether it be a dirty combustion chamber, flue pipe, or filter. We also carry the necessary equipment to check the efficiency of your furnace, such as combustion analyzers. Our technicians carry a lot of knowledge from their years of training and experience, but to help keep your mind at ease, we also train them to aptly communicate the details of each job to any customer who asks. That way you can know exactly what they have found and how they completed maintenance.

At Village, we go way beyond the basic clean and check. Our Precision Furnace Tune-Up is the most comprehensive in the area. It can improve your heating systems efficiency by up to 10%, prevent unexpected breakdowns, provide increased heating capacity while using less natural gas and help extend the life of your furnace. We also check for any malfunctions that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, giving you peace of mind knowing your furnace is operating safely and efficiently.

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