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Do I Need a Plumber for Garbage Disposal Installation in Houston?

Garbage Disposal Installation

A garbage disposal is one of the most convenient parts of your plumbing system. It helps discard food waste and keep your kitchen clean. If you don’t have a disposal unit or it’s time to replace your old device, installing a new one may be more complicated than you think. Here are a few reasons to leave the work to a plumber who does garbage disposal installation in Houston

Should I Install a Garbage Disposal Myself

There are a few steps to installing a garbage disposal. You’ll need a few tools that, depending on the model, the average homeowner may or may not be familiar with (however, most disposals install with common tools like screwdrivers, pliers, etc.). It doesn’t take someone with experience very long to install this appliance, but there are a few complexities to be aware of. 

While installing a garbage disposal yourself can save on paying labor fees, it may not be the best idea. Hiring a professional

  • Avoids Mistakes: An installation error can cause the garbage disposal to leak, causing water and food waste to escape the chamber and/or pipe and make a mess, if not damage your home
  • Electrical Work May Be Required: The device will need to be connected to your electrical system, which may require rewiring work or potentially a circuit upgrade. A plumber will bring in an electrician to help with this.
  • A Plumber Knows What to Look For: If your old disposal is being replaced, a plumber will more easily find the same model or brand or something close to it, possibly eliminating the need to cut or reroute pipes.
  • Plumbers Have the Right Tools: A plumber always has a full toolkit. If the particular model requires slightly different tools or plumbing modifications must be performed, they’ll have what’s needed to get the job done right.
  • You May Need a Permit: A permit is required if you’re installing a new garbage disposal and if significant changes are required to install a replacement. It’s safe to assume you’ll need a permit for a new or replacement unit.
  • Knowledge of the installation Process Is Needed: To install a new garbage disposal, you need to know how to remove the old one and install the replacement unit. This requires working with the discharge tube, P-trap, mountings, faceplate, plumber’s putty, wiring, and, in an older kitchen, perhaps the dishwasher drain connection.

Do I Need a New Garbage Disposal Installed in Houston?

Understanding that your best option is to let a plumber install your garbage disposal, it’s also helpful to know when to call a professional. Call your local plumber if the unit does not come on. If the disposal makes a humming noise without grinding, or it rattles loudly when operating, a technician should look at it. Also, call for help if it’s clogging the drain. A plumber will decide whether to repair the disposal or recommend a replacement if the system is at the end of its life. 

Village Plumbing Will Help Install Your Garbage Disposal

We provide a full range of garbage disposal services by experienced professionals. Whether you need your unit repaired or require garbage disposal installation in Houston, we offer high-quality solutions and award-winning service. Each service comes with a 100% guarantee and is fully warrantied. You’ll also have opportunities to save with coupons, specials, and financing. To request service, fill out our online form or call 713-678-0483 today!

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