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Why Is Backflow Testing So Important?

Backflow is when water flows backward in a plumbing system. This may happen due to pipe failure, an open fire hydrant, or heavy rain. While backflow prevention devices are effective at avoiding drinking water contamination and wastewater backup, they need to be periodically tested. Backflow testing should be performed regularly by a certified professional.

Whether your plumbing is protected by air gaps, double check valve assemblies, pressure vacuum breaker assemblies, atmospheric vacuum breakers, or reduce pressure backflow assemblies, backflow testing is so important because it:

Can Protect Your Health

Contaminated water in sewage can contain bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and a wide range of pathogens that can make you very sick. Whether wastewater backs up through your toilet or drains or mixes with drinking water, the situation is dire. Having your backflow system tested ensures all measures to avoid water contamination are working.

Avoids Damage to Your Home

Water traveling backward can cause serious damage to your home. It can accelerate corrosion in your plumbing and potentially lead to burst pipes and damage to walls, flooring materials, furnishings, and other parts of your home. Failing to perform backflow testing increases the risk of water damage, mold, and even reduced property value. No potential buyer or tenant will be enthusiastic about living where the backflow prevention system may or may not be working.

Avoids Fines and Penalties

Backflow prevention testing is required by law. Local governments require businesses and property owners to test their backflow preventers and penalize them for not doing so. Testing must be done by a qualified professional; in Houston, there are strict requirements for registering as a backflow prevention assembly tester. And if a business fails a backflow test, repairs and retesting must be completed within 30 days, or additional fines and penalties may be incurred.

Can Save a Lot of Money

Backflow testing is only a minor expense when you consider the damage that sewage backflow can cause. As a home or property owner, schedule testing if it hasn’t been done recently. Sewage cleanup and water damage repairs are extremely costly. And if your business has installed backflow prevention devices and has cross-connections on the property, it should have a backflow prevention program incorporating a testing plan.

Protects Your Local Community

Cities are required to test their backflow preventers for a reason. Contaminated water can reduce the health and well-being of an entire community. It increases the risk of sickness throughout a building or neighborhood. That’s why governments set fines, penalties, and specific rules and regulations pertaining to backflow testing.

Is Handled by an Experienced Professional

When you schedule backflow testing, technicians will arrive on time to test the device on-site. Their findings will be uploaded to a database. You’ll then receive a copy of the report and an appointment for next year’s testing visit. You don’t even need to fill out forms or sign any paperwork. And when it’s done, you can be confident your water supply is clean and backflow prevention measures are working.

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Village Plumbing takes extensive measures to prevent drinking water contamination in the Houston area. You should never have to deal with contaminated water used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, or bathing. If there’s a backflow problem or cross-connection issue, we’ll find and fix it fast. To learn more about our backflow testing/backflow prevention services or request an appointment, contact us online or call 713-526-1491 today.

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