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The 10 Surprising Things you Should Never Put Down Your Kitchen Drain

  1. Coffee Grounds
  2. Egg Shells
  3. Rice
  4. Grease
  5. Pasta
  6. Bones
  7. Stringy Vegetables
  8. Shrimp Shells
  9. Dirt
  10. Fish Tank Gravel

Could your kitchen drain be on the verge of clogging? Make sure it’s in tip-top shape for the summer season by avoiding these 10 surprising items.

1.  Coffee Grounds

Surprising but insidious, coffee grounds are too small to be cut up by the blades of the disposal and sink the bottom of the drain. Enough coffee grounds go down your sink and it won’t be long before you’ll be giving us a call, I guarantee it.

2.  Egg Shells

They don’t look like a problem but eggshells are actually heavy and will sit in the crook of your drain blocking any other food that gets sent down. Instead of washing these down the sink think about starting a compost bin (it’s great for a garden!), or just throw them out with the regular trash.

3.  Rice

We all know the number one property of rice: it soaks up water and expands. Knowing that it shouldn’t be too surprising that rice and sink drains don’t mix well. Along with expanding, rice is also sticky so it easily glues itself to the interior of your pipes. Our plumbers say avoid this one at all costs!

4.  Grease

Grease is hard to get off of plates and even harder to get off of pipes. Save yourself the hassle of calling a plumber and scrape any excess grease that you can into the trash before washing the dishes.

5.  Pasta

This one is just like rice. Expands and sticks in your drain. Yuck!

6.  Bones

When eating any meat always put animal bones into the trash and not down the disposal. The bones will jam up the blades and stop up your sink!

7.  Stringy Vegetables

Stringy Vegetables like Celery and Asparagus will wrap around the blades of your disposal and might even stop it completely. Better to just put these in the trash.

8.  Shrimp Shells

These critters will sink to the bottom of your drain and stay there accumulating more food. Better to avoid these.

9.  Dirt

One of the worst things to put down your drain is dirt because just a small amount can easily create a clog. Remember to always wash your garden tools with a hose in the yard instead of in the sink!

10. Fish Tank Gravel

The pipes connected to your sink are only so big, so putting any types of rocks down them is never a good idea. Although water is a powerful force, gravel and rocks are also heavy and will create a clog faster than you can call our number.

Knowing what to avoid when it comes to your kitchen drain can reduce stress and repair costs in the long term. If you think you may have put some of these items in your drain and it’s clogged, schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning or plumbing inspection with a licensed plumber.

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